Gaurang Doshi Productions ‘7th Sense’ web series starts filming in Dubai

Action-laden web series features superstars R Madhavan, Vijay Raaz, Rohit Roy, Elli Avram, Tanuj Virwani, Aashim Gulati, Sana Saeed, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and other Bollywood stars.

Shooting for 2 exciting seasons expected to take 60 days
Web series expected to be aired in December 2020
COVID swab test conducted weekly for 100-plus cast and crew
Social distancing measures in place during the press conference

Bollywood producer Gaurang Doshi has three Limca records in his portfolio. Possibly, he could win the fourth for the first Bollywood web series to start shooting in a pandemic scenario. He has scaled stupendous heights with his blockbuster movie ‘Aankhen’ in 2002, followed by hits like Deewar and Bawander. But not the one to rest on his laurels and unwilling to settle in for the lull created by pandemic, Gaurang has brought in a record 100-plus strong cast and crew of ‘7th Sense’ to shoot the highly anticipated debut web-series production in Dubai.

Gripping storylines being shot at picturesque locations across the UAE is what Gaurang Doshi is producing as a part of ‘7th Sense’ with a star-studded cast as part of a twin web series that also includes the espionage, fast-paced action thriller ‘Line of Fire’. These big-budget twin web series, consisting of two seasons each are being produced under the patronage of His Excellency Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni, Emirati businessman, Guinness World Record holder, and Ambassador at Large, Dubai.

As the world grapples with the global pandemic, the successful start to the ‘7th Sense’ shoot in Dubai represents the first time in the world that large-scale film production has begun work on location during the pandemic period, whilst taking the utmost health and safety precautions for the entire cast and crew.

Addressing a crowded, international press conference held yesterday at Palazzo Versace Dubai, Jaddaf Waterfront, to present the star-studded cast of sensational ‘7th Sense’ and elaborate on the twin web series, including ‘Line of Fire’, renowned producer Gaurang Doshi said he was very happy to be able to begin shooting ‘7th Sense’ in Dubai, despite the pandemic situation globally.

The press conference in Dubai was attended by Gaurang Doshi (Producer), R Madhavan, Vijay Raaz, Rohit Roy, Tanuj Virwani, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Sana Saeed, Elli AvrRam, and Subroto Dutta. Leading Bollywood actors Vijay Raaz and Rohit Roy have replaced Ronit Roy and Chunky Pandey in the cast, respectively.

“I am very excited that shooting for ‘7th Sense’ has started and that all my actors are here [Dubai] safe and sound. We are taking all necessary measures and precautions, including every single member of the cast and crew undergoing a covid swab test once a week. My due thanks to the UAE government, Dubai Film and TV Commission for the great support they have given us,” said Doshi. For me, the script is my hero and I feel on top of the world that even though it is a pandemic situation, we have begun the first large-scale international film production.

Lead actor R Madhavan, said: “I am excited because the shoot has finally started for Gaurang Doshi Productions’ ‘7th Sense’. As an actor, as we are breaking ground by being able to shoot during the COVID-19 era. We are shooting a mega, mega serial. This has only been made possible due to the cooperation we have received from the authorities in Dubai. Gaurang Doshi Productions has managed to pull this through, at a time like this, and getting people out of India and setting 100-plus of us here in Dubai safely and comfortably and to begin shooting,” added Madhavan.


Actor Rohit Roy, said: “It is a pleasure to be in Dubai, to shoot our exciting new web show. It is always a pleasure to be in Dubai. If I am asked to name my top three cities in the world, Dubai ranks right up there. And, this time, it is doubly special because I am shooting here, and shooting with a lot of good friends.”

Post-production of ‘7th Sense’ is expected to take two months, with the web series set to be out by December 2020. Fifteen members of the cast have been recruited in the UAE, including Sajjad Dela Frooz. The prep work for ‘Line of Fire’, the multi-star spy thriller, to be also shot in the UAE, will commence by October 20, 2020, with the arrival of the crew in the country.

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