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An enchanting nature paradise thrives in Kabini on the lush Kerala-Karnataka border. The luxurious resorts only heighten this surreal experience!

Kabini: Fast facts
District: Mysore
State: Karnataka
Country: India
Location- Border of Karnataka and Kerala
Famous for/as: Bird Sanctuary, Bird Watching, Boating, Elephant Rides, Scenic, Trekking, Wildlife.
Best Season: Oct to May

For city dwellers like us, visiting greener places is always a welcome agenda. Come weekend or any short holiday, I am ready to take few days off to revel in the countryside.  For long I had been hearing about the verdant landscape of Kabini. This summer, when I was in Bangalore, I had the chance to realise my long-held dream and relish a cottage stay in the lush surroundings of Kabini.

Generally speaking, Kabini is known as a mesmerizing landscape of mountains, river, forest, birds and wildlife for company, but it’s the deep and dense deciduous forest that  powerfully characterizes this green haven. And for people living in Dubai’s desert temperatures, Kabini’s twenty-something temperatures came as a heavenly respite.

A jungle safari through the Kabini region of the Nagarhole National Park is its most spectacular attraction. In the heart of this dense foliage, reside some of the most majestic Asian mammals and you can spot herds of elephants, spotted deer, Indian Gaur, wild boar, sambar deer, tigers and even black leopards. It is also known to have the highest density of herbivores in the entire continent. Apart from the fauna, the riotous green foliage that grows unchecked offers a pleasant contrast to the city life. Besides, mountains rising from the placid surroundings, punctuated by astonishing deep green vegetation add to the beauty quotient of the surroundings.

The Kapila river flowing in all its glory is predominant to Kabini’s landscape as much as the looming forest. Zooming out in a coracle boat (made out of dry weeds) spinning in the calm, composed waters and revelling in the breathtaking beauty of the forest is another must -do while in this jungle paradise.

This peaceful coracle ride with wandering elephants on the shore and all this in crisp, unpolluted air, what more could one ask for?  The occasional downpour, the birds’ chirpings,  beyond comprehension, yet so pleasing- all far away from the din of city life are just some of the alluring perks you can offer yourself.

To say that Kabini trades off on its wildlife luxury label is not a misnomer. To add to its captivating experience, a variety of luxurious resorts spoil one for choice. Host of high -end and even  medium level resorts with unrestrained views of River Kapila are a sheer delight to accentuate this nature holiday. You can do as much or as little as you want in the lap of great comfort. Top- end tourism is certainly the way Kabini plays it.  Particularly, The Serai, an establishment so indulgent, it spoils one to no end.

Could my holiday get any better? I murmured. While Kashmir may be the well-established Indian heaven, but outlandish landscapes like Kabini are no less!  It is quite justified to address this place as a perfect destination for an authentic nature vacation.

That’s the joy of Kabini. Green, green and green, yet, so unforbidding! Its otherness can be softened by luxury, should you choose, but either ways, worth relishing!

Activities to indulge in and around Kabini

  • Jungle safari
  • Bird watching
  • Trekking
  • Nature walks
  • Cycling
  • Barbecue dinners
  • Campfires
  • Boating/coracle rides

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