24-karat gold-infused karak chai, anyone???

Great news for tea aficionados, Dubai launches 24- karat gold infused tea.

Where- Food Ka Mood Restaurant
Price- AED 51

As Dubai continues with its ever-growing love for gold (we have Gold Souq, there’s Burj al Arab with gold plated panels, gold-infused coffee), there’s another glittering addition to this list.

Zankar Uchat, a tea connoisseur and tea chef has concocted the unique 24- karat gold-infused karak chai. A mesmerising blend of the ubiquitous karak tea and zaffrani tea, this tea is additionally flavoured with the goodness of gold flakes and topped with gold foil. The resultant tea is a distinct, delicious and delightful blend that needs to be tried by all tea lovers.

Speaking about the new chai offering, the creator Uchat explains, “After the tea is brewed, the gold flakes are delicately placed over a thick foam of white milk and crushed saffron. I whipped up this recipe during the Covid-19 lockdown. It took me two months to figure out the right blend of flavours that would enhance the metallic flavour of gold. It’s surely a look good, feel good and taste good chai.”

What we loved about the tea was the distinct and well- balanced blend of karak, zaffran and gold flavour, not forgetting to mention the awesome visual appeal. The frothy texture topped with gold foil is a novel concept in the chai world and we are totally in for it!!! With an exorbitant price tag of AED 51 per cuppa, it is yet to be seen how well the public responds to the newest tea offering, but the lingering taste and aroma is worth the cost.

Zankar 24- karat gold infused tea is exclusively available at Food Ka Mood restaurant located in Karama, Dubai.


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