Adventures in Africa

2021 is almost here heralding new beginnings and its high time, we spread our wings to explore newer destinations. This time we have scouted Africa, a continent relatively lesser known for tourism, but a treasure trove of untold adventures and aspirational destinations. Gone are the days when Africa was the over hyped “The Dark Continent”. Unravel the worlds high- octane adventures, exhilarating experiences in this culturally rich continent that abounds in magnificent scenery & abundant wildlife.

Track chimpanzees in Kibale Forest
Country- Uganda

Kibale Forest is home to the largest concentration of chimpanzees in Africa. This unique and enthralling experience will get you donning your childhood boots once again as chimpanzee tracking is not only fascinating, but a lot of fun. Chimps tend to move around a lot and you can feel like a child on an adventure following them through the forest. Seeing chimpanzees in the wild is an exciting experience as they squabble and socialise, climb up and down trees, feed, fight as they prove to be perfect entertainers for visitors.

Swim with sharks
Country-  Kenya

Who doesn’t want to swim along with the ‘gentle giants’ of the sea? Swimming  with these beautifully-patterned behemoth with white spots and stripes measuring up to 60-feet and weighing 20 tonnes is a lifetime experience by itself. The Whale Shark is a protected species like that of the tiger, lion and elephant. A docile filter-feeder, they are harmless, slow-moving mammals, however, the species is vulnerable to extinction due to poor fishing habits, hence the marine conservation is making efforts to educate the local population. The overall aim of Whale Shark Adventures is to raise awareness so that the level of protection afforded to Whale Sharks is increased.

Whale Shark Adventures, Kenya’s top dive operator for Whale Shark encounters also offers Humpback Whale expeditions in Diani, Africa’s premier beach destination. The peak Whale Shark season runs until mid-March.

Enjoy the greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth
Country-  Kenya

Every year, over a million wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrate clockwise around the Serengeti/Masai Mara ecosystem which is also dubbed as one of nature’s most amazing spectacles. Regarded as the World Cup of Wildlife, it is considered one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” and offers an unparalleled safari experience.

Admire the beauty of Victoria falls
Country- Zambia

Touted as one of the most high -octane adventure-filled places on the continent, you can bungee off a bridge, swim up to the edge of the world’s largest waterfall, or white-water raft down some of the wildest rapids on Earth or simply the best one, just drink in the beauty of these gorgeous falls.

Horse- back safari through the Okavango Delta
Country- Botswana

Buckle up for some adrenaline rushing African Horseback Safaris based in the Macatoo luxury tented camp. Saddle up and prepare to see the Big Five mounted on your own mighty beast. On a horseback safari, you’ll get up close and personal with wildlife in flooded areas that are inaccessible to the game vehicles. Gallop alongside zebras and giraffes at your own comfort level, or take a cautious trot closer to lions and elephants. The adventure is definitely worth it.

Visit Luxor Temple by the night
Country- Egypt

Once the evening begins, the sun kissed temple lights up to illuminations. If Egypt is Indiana Jones lover’s fantasy, walking through this temple at night is like being in the movie The Mummy. There are spots where the lights make you feel like you’re running down a hallway to get away from a member of the underworld. The avenue of sphinxes looks especially ancient and eeire at night. The temple when lit up, creates an eerie spectacle as shadow and light play off the reliefs and columns.

Engage with the Masai tribe
Country-  Kenya

In an approx. time of sixty minutes, visitors get an insight into the vastly different lives of the Masai- their small huts made of tree branches and cow dung, cattle, food. It was my favourite part of the trip to Kenya (although seeing a leopard munching on a freshly caught gazelle was a close second). We even participated in the adamu – the “jumping dance” that makes up a part of the Masai warrior initiation ceremony.

Witness the unique potholes at Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve
Country- South Africa

thousands of years of water erosion have created a unique and otherworldly geological feature at the confluence of the Blyde River and the Treur River in the South African region of Mpumulanga. Here at the mouth of the Blyde River Canyon, the two rivers formed swirling eddies of water, which overtime, formed huge cylindrical potholes in the sandstone bedrock. The effect, seen from the crags above, is now a fascinating network of tunnels and tubes and interconnected whirling pools. The different soil levels in each hole give them each a unique color and makes for a striking and colorful landscape.

Relax in an eco- resort
Country- Uganda

At the Ndali Lodge, 1920s-era colonial lodge in the stunning crater region of western Uganda is open for tourists with views over the dramatic Rwenzori Mountains. This lodge is located on the rim of an extinct volcano, where all lighting is by candle or storm lantern!

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