India Bistro Restaurant – riot of flavours and colours

The tongue-tickling chaats and authentic meals make India Bistro a must visit.


The World Trade Centre area is the busy, central commercial district with frequent exhibitions happening. Several restaurants abound in this world-class premises but what was probably missing was an Indian restaurant that offers dishes with indigenous taste.

The opening of India Bistro has aptly filled that gap as the restaurant offers Indian street-food and meals with the authentic Indian taste. From the owners of the Foodlinks Group (caterers to high- profile Ambani wedding and & celebrity wedding of Deepika & Ranbir), India Bistro has set high standards in terms of taste, hospitality and presentation in Dubai’s gastronomy scene.

The good news is that the restaurant lives up to its claim and name. The menu is bursting with Delhi style chaats whether it is pani puri, dahi bhallas, samosa chaat or karaare chaney ki chaat. The paneer tikka was soft and bursting with flavours but the mouth-melting galouti kebabs flavoured with subtle dash of galouti spices and served with ulte tawe ka paraatha won the thumbs up. Amongst mocktails we tried the Charminar, a refreshing concoction of ginger, lime juice, mint leaves muddled with cola.

The main course was equally enticing. Their portfolio of curries is as innovative as delectable as it is  visually appealing. Subz Purvanchal is the green curry with an enticing mix of green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, methi and gooseberry, amongst others. Subz Ricotta is yummy pyramid shaped dumplings served in a tasty, creamy sauce with added visual delight. Subz Exotica was delicious and nutrition combined together. The ubiquitous Dal Makhani tasted delicious -in fact, the best that I have had in Dubai. The Jelepeno, cheese & olive nan and Mirchi Pyaaz ki Roti complemented the curries perfectly. The credit can be attributed to Chef Mohammed Ali, who dished out flavourful food with aplomb.

Desserts at India Bistro are a delight just like the mains. The taste of yummy Jalebi, Gulab jamuns and Ras Malais took us straight to the streets of Delhi- impressive and authentic.

Since I am a big-time fan of chai, a special mention for the Adraki Chai- the right blend of ginger made it the perfect closure to a wholesome, mouth- watering meal served with great affection and attention to detail.

To sum up, I can say India Bistro is a pleasing attack on our senses. For a foodie Delhiite like me, my search for authentic Delhi- style food ends with India Bistro. The food was ready quite fast and our server talked us through everything we were trying, checking on us often enough that we didn’t have to wait too long but not so much that it was overbearing. Great food, beautifully presented, served well and absolute value for money. The atmosphere is rather casual and comfortable and great service by the friendly, hospitable staff. At any time of the day, you are guaranteed a hearty, scrumptious meal.

Must try at India Bistro–  Dahi Bhalley, Galouti kebabs, Samosa Chaat, Subz Ricotta, Dahi Bhalley, Jalebi, Ginger Tea

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