Peek into eclectic Dubai Hills townhouse

A harmonious fusion of British and Kazakh outlooks influence this one-of-a-kind townhouse designed by La Belle Maison.

Dubai Hills is one of Dubai’s latest realty additions and it’s a big favourite as it hits the boxes for all good reasons. This self-contained locality situated barely fifteen minutes from city centre has been a major draw for people looking to lead peaceful life in stylish surroundings with great infrastructure. One such family who have made this beautiful locality their home is that of Chris and Janara Jones.

The couple’s vision for their eclectically designed home was to create a space that reflects their family’s heritage while keeping it modern, full of personality and unique, a space that would have visitors in awe at every corner, they looked into.

The townhouse is filled with ‘wow’ statement pieces throughout as well as feature walls and furniture that work together collectively to create a space that is visually diverse, yet adequately synchronized.

Throughout the townhouse, you can find a merger of Great Britain and Kazakhstan heritage- the nationalities of the clients. A true testament to the designer’s creativity and owners’ vision, this townhouse design project was taken up by La Belle Maison, an interdisciplinary design company offering a one-stop-shop solution for residential and commercial projects with offices in Dubai, New Delhi and Austria.  

La Belle Maison sourced antique furniture for the dining room, a table and a set of chairs came straight from a castle in Austria. One of the key pieces in this project is the dining room antique table, a 17th-century wonder. It was brought to life by an artist in Dubai, the customized painting on the table incorporates the traditional Kazakhstan pattern with the British rose, in purple, along with memorable family dates and names subtly throughout. A piece that will be in the family for decades to come. The clients’ love for century-old furniture and high-quality fabrics were brought together by reupholstering the antique dining room chairs with Christian Lacroix and Emma Shipley fabrics, timeless patterns bringing the elements in the home together.

 The kitchen is a notable space incorporating the clients’ love for color, patterns and Italy. The colorful backsplash tiles are from Antica Deruta in Perugia, Italy. La Belle Maison got customized tiles to reflect the Kazakhstan tribal patterns, creating a personal one-of-a-kind feature in the kitchen.

The staircase wall features the Donatello wallpaper from Tecnografica, a design that incorporates black and white with colors. Both Chris and Janara love playing with colors mixed in with black and white patterns and this wallpaper does just this. You can also see the clients’ love for black and white patterns mixed with color in the artwork placed on the dining room wall.

For the garden, the clients wanted a spectacular space that would give the illusion of a bigger space, the kind a villa would have. This was done by creating various different spaces outside with different uses. There is an outdoor kitchen, bar and water feature. La Belle Masion also played with organic shapes and floor lighting to give guests the illusion of a bigger space that was sought out.

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