Just Vegan Restaurant: Stylish & pet-friendly veganuary

Just vegan is nothing short of a botanical paradise that radiates pro-vegan positivity.

Where- Jumeirah Road, Dubai

Cuisine- Vegan

Must try- Smiles of Nature Salad, Truffle Mc n Cheese, Broccoli Florets, Madras Curry Pizza

As you enter Just Vegan Restaurant, its amazonian vibes hook to your senses instantly leading you to hit the relax button. The restaurant in its ground floor section exudes rainforest vibes with oodles of greenery. The other section on the ground-floor carries boho vibes and is equally enticing.

But there was a dilemma- whether I revel in the stunning, uber-green interiors or cherish the delectable delicacies or appreciate the stylish presentation or be stumped by the awesome hospitality-that needs to be seen! For I wanted to do justice to each of these unique selling points of the this veganuary that ticks all the right boxes in full and finery.

So, chill at this 100 % Plant-Based Vegan Restaurant in Dubai and what’s more, you are welcome to bring your furry friends along. Just Vegan Jumeirah provides doggie bowls and water for your pet pals. Diners are requested to bring along their dog’s favorite foods as every dog has different nutritional needs, depending on size, breed and energy levels.

Coming to the menu, Just Vegan’s menu is a compassionate attempt at showing people the power of fresh produce and vegan cuisine in delicious, colorful and healthy fashion. While all its offerings are plant-based, the restaurant has created dishes that will be loved by vegans and omnivores alike. The menus are designed to appeal to the tastes of locals and the increasing number of people trying to explore vegan options.

The café prepares fresh food in-house and that includes all sauces and dips, ensuring everything is 100%  vegan. The cozy, luxe and inviting vibe of the restaurant adds to the several reasons this place is set to please the most discerning diners in Dubai.

Guests can dine on offerings from plant-based signature dishes that have become synonymous with the Just Vegan Creation, such as Shades of greens, Love Peace & Beet, Truffle Mac & Cheese Stacks, Chick N BLT Burger, Thai Yellow Curry Pizza, Plant-Based Country Curry, Bun Less Burger all plant based and many more.

Our meal started with detox beetroot water and citrus detox water served in the most attractive gin bottles. This was followed by raspberry smoothie and amazon forest drink that were extremely refreshing and yummy.  Po gha soup with its noodles and veggies in warm stew was extremely heartening. I loved their salads especially the Smile of Nature Salad and Happy Forest Salad. The broccoli florets were crispy and tangy, loved that taste, while Truffle Mc n Cheese Stacks were equally crispy and delicious, too. The limelight was taken by Madras Curry Pizza with a beetroot base smeared by curry and topped by vegan meat. Never could I think curry pizza would turn out so yummy. The meal was rounded off with tastefully and visually delightful Mango Pannacotta.

Overall, I would say Just Vegan is not just a restaurant, it’s a green sanctuary to relax and tantalise your senses with thematic food that is yummy to the core and visually appealing, too.

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