Spice of India Restaurant: Indian culinary heaven in heart of Sharjah

Location- Al Nahda, Sharjah

Cuisine- North Indian Vegetarian, Vegan

Cost for meal for two – AED 100.

Must try- Methi Mahi Soya Chaap, Dahi ke Shole, Ripple Samosa, Sattu Paratha, Himalaya Kofta

Unique food concoctions, perfect blend of flavours served with warmth make Spice of India an outstanding Sharjah restaurant.

A visit to Spice of India Restaurant left me cocooned in the warmth of home-cooked food and the aura of home-style dining experience. But that makes it even more special to eat food at such restaurants where food is highly delectable and at the same time, served with oodles of love and affection.

We started the meal with a very healthy Kale Vitaload Juice. Honestly, I was so happy to begin my meal on such a healthy note! The drink tasted as divine as its health quotient. And the starters that accompanied were instant conversation starters.

The focal point of the meal was the Methi Maahi Soya Chaap. Initially, I was little wary of trying soya chaap, but one bite and there was no looking back! Bursting with the right flavours and spices, it tasted mind-blowing and before we could think, the entire dish was smothered clean! If I return to this restaurant (which I am sure, I will) this soya chaap will be credited as the biggest crowd- puller. Accompanying this mouth- watering starter was Dahi ke Shole (aka Dahi Kebab) which were equally tongue-tickling. Then came the Ripple Samosa (as the name suggests, it has a unique external façade that resembles a ripple) and tasted great, too.

Thereafter, came the yummy Kathi Rolls. Well, actually wanted to stop there as we were already full, but the mains were vying for attention- unique combo of Himalayan Kofta and Paneer Tikkaa with Daal Fry and delicious parathas. Himalayan Kofta was something I tried for first time and I instantly got hooked to its taste. The bread basket came with a unique assortment of famous Marwari Missi Roti, Garlic Naan, Dal Ka Paratha, Amritsari Naan and Sattu Paratha, etc. The finishing to this grand luncheon came in the form of the yummiest Gajar ka Halwa.

A conversation with the owners, Mr Ashok and Mrs Kanak Sharma revealed how this restaurant was established as a pet project much more than a commercial business and how over the years, it has become a major draw with the Indian populace. They revealed how they pooled restaurant revenues towards giving back to the community in their small, yet significant ways. From feeding the needy afflicted by Covid layovers in Sharjah to serving the local community back home in India have been some of their related endeavours.

For sure, this meal left me so satiated. The warm ambience, the hospitality and above all the novel concoctions and perfect mingling of flavours and spices make Spice of India Restaurant inviting and outstanding. Agreed, you’ll have to drive few extra kilometres from Dubai to savour this hearty, wholesome meal, but believe me it’s totally worth it and I can promise, you will keep returning for more.

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