Titan launches special edition watches to commemorate UAE’s 50th National Day

Starting at a cost of AED 875, Titan EDGE is the slimmest watch in the universe.

As the leading market in the world for Titan Watches, the UAE continues to spur innovation and inspire the world’s fifth largest watchmaker.

This fact was reaffirmed today at the launch of a limited edition Titan EDGE unisex watch, specially designed to commemorate the UAE’s Year of the Fiftieth and unveiled in the presence of Dr. Aman Puri, Consul General of India, and Kuruvilla Markose, CEO-International Business Division, Titan Company Limited.

“Titan Watches is an Indian brand synonymous with good taste, quality and precision, all attributes that are highly regarded in the UAE. I am delighted to be here today to launch this limited edition Titan watch to commemorate an occasion as significant as the UAE’s 50th National Day and celebrate the strong India UAE ties,” said Consul General Dr. Aman Puri.

With the Spirit of the Union woven into a legacy timepiece that celebrates Titan’s timeless craftsmanship and elegant design, the specially curated National Day watch honors the history of the UAE and the significance of the region for the Titan brand.

“Inspired by regional architecture, with a sapphire crystal glass cover, an understated fine, sunray dial ring and minaret-like hands, the watch also incorporates UAE Flag colours and has a falcon, the national bird, engraved on the back.” The watch is presented in a premium, classy and elegant midnight-blue box, making it a perfect souvenir for both residents and tourists.

“In just 50 years, the UAE has cemented its reputation as the land of opportunity and for more than 25 of those years, Titan Watches has been proud to be a part of this success story. From enhancing our omni-channel experience to expanding our footprint to include 10 standalone stores in 12 months, our growth has been buoyed by the UAE’s resilient spirit and can-do attitude.  This watch is a small token of our appreciation and celebrates 50 years of innovation and accomplishment, “said Kuruvilla Markose during the unveiling.

He also stated that only 300 National Day watches have been produced and would be offered in-store at prominent retailers beginning November 16th. They can also be reserved right now at rivolishop.com.

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