BNB: A Prominent spot for The Clash Of T20 Titans

Words & pics by- Siddharth Trivedi

What –Bar night snacks and drinks
Where- Hotel Marriott, Al Jaddaf

From the extended version of IPL 2021 to the World T20 Cup, Dubai has been a phenomenal host for the cricket crazy community. With this cricket fever raging high at the knockout stage, it’s utterly important to find a gaiety venue to cheer, applaud and support your team to the utmost level, BnB at Marriott Al Jaddaf certainly is a place to take your excitement to the next level.

“Free Beverages Till The First Boundary Scored” is already catching the eyes of the fans to grasp their drinks before the action begins. Thanks to the huge bar area, it doesn’t take long to get your first drink. Before the game begins, you can find space on one of the comfy couches and enjoy the “Happy Hours” from 5PM to 9PM on food and beverage selections. Watching the nail-biting thrillers on the giant screens around the bar is already a stadium-like feeling and with the mouth-watering selections like Chicken wings, Beef Sliders, Samosas at a meagre AED 20 per plate during match hours is a pleasant upgrade to your astounding experience.

The World Cup is about to get over but BnB has several plans to keep us hooked. “BARUNCH” brunch every Friday from 1PM to 4PM starting at just AED 99 and the “Ladies Night” with attractive selections and prices is certainly a significant offering to look forward to. Whether you are a sports lover or a passionate foodie in quest for a chic venue, BnB is definitely a must escape.

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