Seven must try dishes at Roobaru: Newly launched freestyle Indian Restaurant and Chai Room

Roobaru presents a fresh and modern take on run-of-the-mill Indian dishes and delivers a menu that’s not only appetizing but visually appealing, too.

Where- Downtown Dubai
What cuisine- Modern Indian
Meal for two- AED 200

‘Roobaru’, the brand-new freestyle restaurant and Chai room has recently added itself to Dubai’s dynamic gastronomic scene. The barista at Roobaru has ensured that it’s Chai room stands out as much as it’s food menu with a line-up of over twenty types of tea/chai. Roobaru is sure to be your go to for timeless Indian recipes elevated with youthful enthusiasm. 

The restaurant boasts of a pastel pink decor pleasantly offset by royal blue seats. The outdoor seating ensures that you make the best of Dubai’s loveable balmy weather.

Those looking for some new-fangled and out – of-box menu, be sure not to miss out on these must -try dishes at Roobaru. We guarantee, you shall keep  returning for more.

Papdi Smack
AED 27

The lip-smacking Papdi Chat made even more tantalising with thecha sauce and topped with pickled apricot, pomegranate and grated radish.

Throwback Sharjah Sambusa
AED 41

These finger-licking cheddar cheese & onion samosas are drizzled with sweet yogurt, date & tamarind chutney and liberally topped with Omani Chips.  The ultra-delicious filling of the samosas will entice you for more!

Corn Hummus and Crisps
AED 35

The Indian ‘bhuttey ka keesh’ blends joyfully with Middle-eastern Hummus topped with charred corn sundal and khakhras (prepared with dried and powdered coriander leaves)

Paneer Makhani
AED 63

This North-Indian favourite gets even better with smoked black garlic butter poured on stuffed paneer squares and yummy cashew-tomato gravy.

Truffle Kulcha
AED 13

Paneer stuffed kulcha with truffle- infused ghee is the perfect accompaniment for Paneer Makhani and Dal Makhani, Aloo Methi  and other vegetables.

Panna Cotta Payasam
AED 40

Tender coconut pudding reimagined as Panna Cotta served with crunchy cashew praline, toasted milk crumble and pineapple coulis.

Thandi Chai
AED 13

Thandi chai gives the well-deserved tea break, albeit in a cold avatar, with a dash of spices for aromatic flavour like cardamom and star anise. 

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