Nigerian driver Returns AED 100,000 Found In Taxi

Abraham Airaodion who found and returned 100,000aed has been honoured by Sharjah Transport Authority.

The incident occurred on last Wednesday, 8th of December when Abraham’s customer, another Nigerian, on his way to conclude a business transaction on behalf of his employer, forgot a small bag containing the wads of cash inside his taxi.

“Tell the customer that the money is safe. I’m already on my way to his destination. He should wait for me where I dropped him,” was Abraham’s response when RTA called him about a possible forgotten item.

“The funny thing about it was that the money was not his,” Abraham reveals about the customer, who was ‘sent on an errand to go and pay for a container for his boss which had just arrived”.

Abraham has been honoured by Sharjah Taxi Company for his ‘honesty and integrity at work’ along with a certificate and a AED 500 reward.

Members of the Nigerian community in the UAE have hailed Abraham’s noble deed and officially recognized and awarded his integrity. Abraham Airaodion feels that this act of honesty will bring good name to the entire Nigerian community.

“We are extremely happy about it and Abraham has been awarded with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation and Honour’. Also, we have communicated Abraham’s act of integrity to the Nigerian Embassy just to prove that Nigerians are industrious, hardworking, diligent, trustworthy, dependable and law-abiding citizens,” says Mr Kayode Ogungbohun, President, Professional Nigerians in UAE who adds that “this is necessary to further prove to the good people and government of UAE that all Nigerians are not lawbreakers.”

The husband and father of one, Abraham started working as a driver in April 2021. He is a university graduate and has 11 years’ experience working as a banker in Nigeria. He wishes to return to the banking system in the UAE and hopes this act of integrity will attract an opportunity in that sector.

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