Artworks reimagined as wearable art

UK’s leading abstract resin artist Nat Bowen makes Dubai her new home with her first show to be announced imminently.

 British contemporary resin artist Nat Bowen launched her exhibition ’28 Fragments® at London fashion Week 2021 with The World’s First ‘Artwalk’, where the iconic Galvin at The Windows restaurant was transformed into a unique art exhibition fashion show featuring the works of former fashion designer and model. The designer showcased her artworks reimagined as wearable art and carried down the catwalk by neon-clad models, all set to live performances of opera fusion.

Bowen uses the study of Chromology, the psychology behind colour, as the foundation of her art. This knowledge is incorporated into the work as a way to communicate nonverbally through colour, with the viewer having a physical and emotional response to the art based on their own perceptions and personal experiences. Pigmented epoxy resin is poured onto a recycled acrylic canvas which is then manipulated using a paintbrush to build up abstract layers of colour. The pigments within the lustrous resin adapt according to the light, reflecting and absorbing the surroundings with the work becoming a part of the space it inhabits. The visuals that these colourful, glossy orbs form have a depth and a three-dimensional aspect, similar to those seen during meditation, the image of a vortex or looking into water.

Nat Bowen is one of the UK’s leading abstract resin artists. Coveted amongst some of the world’s most affluent art collectors and celebrities, with her art now selling for +£100k, she gained widespread media interest when her ‘Black Diamond’ artwork went on show at the Saatchi Gallery in 2020.  Originally working in the fashion world, first as a designer and then a model, recent years have seen Bowen transform into one of London’s most influential artists, with her shows at Saatchi Gallery catapulting her from an industry newcomer to recognition on a global scale. Works by Bowen are in private collections worldwide. To date, works have been shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London and international shows in Miami, New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Chicago and San Francisco.

2022 sees Nat Bowen make her new home in Dubai, with her first show to be announced imminently.

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