Treating PCOS the natural way

Georgie Ricks, a health coach specialising in PCOS tells how to go about successful addressing PCOS without medicines.

‘Here, just take Metformin and lose weight’

‘Just go on birth control, it will help your symptoms’

Do any of these sounds familiar if you’re suffering with PCOS? 

Trust me I can relate. I have been here so many times, in and out of different gynaecologists wanting to tear my hair out, shortly followed by a breakdown. 

Asking a doctor for nutrition advice for PCOS is like asking a builder how to unblock the toilet. You need to go to the right professional for the correct advice, in all aspects of life! 

To reverse your PCOS, you need specific diet and exercise protocols, lifestyle swaps and lifelong habits. 

So, when the GP prescribes you a synthetic drug, PLEASE be careful. 

Birth control and metformin will not cure PCOS. It will only mask the symptoms and cause you problems later in life. When you rip that band aid off and stop the pills, your PCOS symptoms will come back – sometimes worse than they were before.

After 15 years of dedicating my time to truly understand and overcome PCOS, I cannot express this enough. 

PCOS is taught in very simple terms to GP’s. Treatment of PCOS is based on a lot of guidelines, many suggesting symptomatic management. (COCP, ovulation induction, hormone pills etc). They are also told to tell patients to lose weight – but don’t give them the skills on how to do this! Time is one of the main constraints for a doctor. 

My biggest weight was 99KG – I simply started to track my food and understand energy balance and calories, I increased my strength training and NEAT (steps everyday!) and made sure to stick to it consistently every week. It took me around 6 months to lose most of it and then over the past few years I’ve been building my strength, growing lean muscle mass and I’m now at 62KG!!

A ten- minute appointment is not long enough to actually analyse, diagnose and treat someone, especially for PCOS being so broad and complex.

With PCOS, getting our diet right is crucial to healing. Food is medicine and following a holistic healing program is essential.

PCOS needs a holistic approach.

Through diet and exercise, we can really make positive changes.

It’s a PCOS Party give you all the tools like recipes, shopping lists, workouts and lifestyle swaps to really heal your PCOS from the inside out. It also teaches you why you’re doing what your doing and why these changes are necessary. If we understand something, we are much more likely to stick at it, even through the toughest times. 

About Georgie Ricks

A Degree Qualified Nutritionist, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Health coach specialising in PCOS. After suffering for 15 years, I managed to reverse my symptoms, lost 35KG and get my menstrual cycle back and clear my skin just through diet and lifestyle alone. Through her portal, @itspcosparty, she aims to help other women understand that PCOS can be reversed naturally and you can live a happy, healthy life.

Note- The views expressed in this article are totally of the writer and has no legal binding to it.

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