Scarlt announces the launch of its luxury Eid collection

Founder Nancy El-Khatib adds glorious luxewear to her collection for Eid.

Founder of Scarlt – Nancy El-Khatib, Curious, Ambitious and Passionate, born in Beirut, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Design and Minor in Advertising at Lebanese American University in Beirut. In 2021, she was selected alongside 50 women tech entrepreneurs across MENA to participate in the Women Tech Founders Program organised by Google’s Women Techmakers, the US Department of State & US Embassy to the UAE. She has certifications in Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics and other digital badges.

Before moving to the UAE in 2017, she developed a passion for fashion and started a fashion side hustle in Beirut. After moving to the UAE, she realised she wasn’t the only one struggling with finding dresses for different occasions; either they were high quality and expensive or affordable but low quality.

Amid Covid-19, she saw a demand for online shopping and the gap for high-quality, affordable fashion clothes. Then she began working on Scarlt – creating a one-stop e-shop fashion platform for affordable, high-quality apparel. “I want to continue to empower and represent strong, resilient and goal-oriented women. Females are still under-represented in key positions, and I hope to give opportunities to more capable women in the near future. Aiming one day to be the person others look up to and aspire to become better,” Nancy El-Khatib says. Nancy wore multiple hats while launching Scarlt, from creating the website to brand identity, influencer list, products, operations, logistics & customer service, etc.

She is interested in all things tech, innovation, entrepreneurship, design & fashion. One of the key factors that motivate her is seeing women wear the dress they deserve for the price they can afford and trying to make luxury fashion affordable.

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