Journey of contemporary Arabic and Armenian cuisine awaits at Vaga

This experiential, vibrant, and upscale restaurant/bar concept nestled in Bluewaters Island inviting guests to dive into a fantasy world that mellifluously blends Contemporary Arabic and Armenian cuisine.

What- Restaurant Vaga

Where- Bluewaters Island, Dubai

Cuisine- Contemporary Arabic and Armenian

An adventure awaits at stunning new upscale restaurant VAGA, a vibrant lifestyle destination set to make waves on Bluewaters Island. VAGA was conceived and brought to life by OY Hospitality, the UAE’s most exciting and progressive hospitality group, who have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the Dubai social scene.

A nirvana for both foodies and experiential aficionados, VAGA takes “fusion” to the next level. More than just a conceptual nuance, VAGA boldly fuses Arabic and Armenia cuisines, drawing on a lifetime of heritage and traditions from both regions.

You may ask why VAGA chose Armenia as the culinary companion of choice to its Arabic counterpart. The answer lies in the belief that Armenian and Arabic culture have positively influenced each other over the centuries, and this naturally percolated to the cuisine, including star dishes, ingredients, and techniques. VAGA will be a restaurant that provokes the question, “Who influenced who?”

The name VAGA draws from the term vagabond, describing a nomad who wanders, roams, and explores. VAGA epitomises this eclectic approach by melding the traditional and the contemporary of two distinctive cultures, taking each guest on an exhilarating journey of discovery.

Stepping through the elaborate doors is akin to passing through a portal into a breath-taking landscape of extravagant interiors and bold features. Optimally located in the thriving Bluewaters Island, VAGA boasts fantastic views of Ain Dubai and the Dubai Marina Skyline, making it the perfect location for adventurous clientele looking to discover new experiences.

This opulent restaurant will be the first-of-its-kind, pairing authentic food and heritage with progressive ideals. The menu celebrates the trifecta of heritage, curiosity, and epicness. It does not merely combine cuisines but fuses them in a thought-provoking way, giving guests cause to pause and reflect on the blurred lines of Arabic and Armenian influence.


Must order dishes include While Italians have pizza, Armenians have Lahmajoon and this classic dish sees tomato, onion, parsley, and chilli sit atop a crispy base. Gapama is a showstopping dish that will certainly arouse the senses of curious diners. This truly unique dish that sees a pumpkin being stuffed with spiced rice and nuts, results in a marvellous medley of taste and heritage.

Further elevating the experience, award winning Armenian mixologist and creative mastermind, Agassi Serobyan has curated a seriously cool cocktail list. This bible of mixology epitomises the progressive, playful, and modern DNA of Armenia with a catalogue of contemporary concoctions. Also known as “28 shades of tuff stone” given the inclusion of igneous rock, the colours and palettes of Armenian culture will be savoured with every sip. Arabicity reigns supreme with the mocktail selection that harnesses the power of authenticity, taking guests on a unique journey through the spice route.

VAGA will also be the only venue in the new wing of Bluewaters Mall to serve Shisha, perfect for long, mellow evenings catching up with friends.

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