Yspot, a new way of youth internship

Female Owned Yspot bridges Gap Between Youth and Organizations.

Yspot, a unique and forward-thinking platform designed to revolutionize connectivity between youth and organizations, launches official operations with the announcement of its bespoke internship programs. The first of many pillars ahead for the company, their internship program aims to not only inspire but empower the next generation of socially-engaged leaders. Yspot is set to provide the UAE with supportive and meaningful work-based internship programs between the youth and businesses.

The Yspot youth program will enroll youth between the ages of 16-18 in bespoke leadership and professional growth collaborative internships within relevant organizations. These programs are developed with the integration of school partners and organizations, and are not only designed to bring the two worlds together, but are also focused on supporting the well-being of every student. “We are committed to ensuring the mindfulness and well-being of the youth is looked after as we strongly believe in caring for our students. Our programs are not just about bridging the gap or internships but rather a space for students to truly feel welcome to grow and learn in a caring and safe environment.” Ban Jishi, co-founder of Yspot comments.

In an increasingly digital world, youth tend to learn new things in a digital format, but to truly elevate their place in society earlier on and get a head start in life, they need to apply this learning in a space that truly matters; the real world. “Yspot wants to address the elephant in the room – the modern-day method of connecting with youth is outdated, and there is a real gap of career paths for millennials.” comments Deena Habib, founder of Yspot. “At Yspot, our mission is to be as forward-thinking as possible, and to nurture innovative minds by encouraging collaboration between youth and businesses by designing the programs to be mutually beneficial with the aim of growing both parties. We don’t only reward youth through exciting channels, but empower them to also express their views and share their knowledge with organizations”.

To revolutionize and transform this real-world gap between the youth and businesses, Yspot has designed a platform that hosts internship programs which support the learning track of students. As part of the mission to support students in future career choices, Yspot has taken the platform a step further by partnering with industry leaders in the region to introduce work-based internships to students from all backgrounds and educational levels, and carefully analyses each candidate to match the right career opportunities with the right students. Through the platform, students have access to developing skills in a real-work environment, gain exposure to industry knowledge and expertise, and even build professional connections and networks.

The corporate programs that Yspot offer are a unique experience as the organizations get to communicate directly with their youth target audience via brand advocacy programs, internship opportunities, community discussions and surveys.

Transforming the gap between both organizations and students looking to amplify their professional growth and reach desired goals will provide great outcomes for both parties. By incorporating a seamless technology that simplifies the process of each tailored program, whilst promoting collaboration and meaningful engagement, Yspot is able to support aspiring individuals and build cross-generational relationships.

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