Sama Soltan: The lady behind the blooms

Sama Soltan, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Dolce E Fiore and also a young mother shares her love for blossoms and her blooming store in Dubai.

Why did you choose to get into flowers and gifting business?

I love flowers and all things beautiful and colorful for that matter. I have always been drawn to anything related to beauty, fashion, design and décor.  I also take joy in celebrating important milestones in life, as well as celebrating relationships that make our lives better.  When the opportunity to start a business came, I knew right then that this is the concept I want to focus on.    I am grateful that I am able to pour my passion into my business.

Were you always passionate about flowers?

Yes, flowers, all things beauty, fashion, amazing designs and décor.

Growing up, did you know you would be an entrepreneur?

I have always been independent and from an early age been taught essential money skills.  I believe it enabled me to understand the value of money and earn my own keep early on.  Apart from these, my interaction with a lot of brilliant businessmen when I was just starting to build a corporate career for myself inspired me to develop the entrepreneurial spirit in me.  Talking with successful people, listening to them, watching them work – all these taught me how to see opportunities and be brave enough to take the next steps.

“Dolce E Fiore stands as a testament to my earnest passion to spread love and joy through all things beautiful. Dolce E Fiore is not only a fulfilment of my dream, but also a way to celebrate precious moments of life.”

Tell us about your baby Dolce E Fiore?

Dolce E Fiore is an upscale floral boutique known for luxuriously elegant handcrafted arrangements and a well-curated collection of treats, including dates, nuts and chocolates.  The name ‘Dolce E Fiore’ (means ‘sweets and flowers’)  is an invitation to indulge your senses as you celebrate life’s biggest moments and the most precious joys.  We offer a wide selection of floral arrangements and gift hampers for any celebrations and special occasions.  We also do bespoke services – with a team of highly-creative designers and florists, we can take on any projects, be it individual orders or for events, no matter the size. 

Our showroom (located in the Avenue Mall in Nad Al Sheba) is a purpose-designed space full of blooms in vibrant pops of colour and absolute loveliness.  An interesting feature of the store is a relaxing corner with a charming coffee shop, serving a wonderful selection of hot or cold beverages and a delectable range of luscious cakes and pastries. 

Dolce E Fiore is pretty new in the market. We opened only at the end of first quarter of this year but we are proud to say that we have earned a pretty good number of loyal customers who turn to us for all their floral and gifting needs.  We also have customers from the other Emirates too as our flowers and gift hampers are available to shop online with same-day delivery across the UAE.

What sets Dolce E Fiore apart from other flower and gifting shops?

The quality and depth of our relationships and our commitment to projects and clients, is central to our work.  We put the client’s needs and requirements at the forefront so attention to detail is exceptional at all times.  This means keeping in tandem with our luxury concept – with every floral and gift design using a luxe aesthetic and is carefully tailored to perfection, keeping even the smallest detail in mind.  We have elevated the concept of gifting to the point that we have signature Dolce E Fiore packaging, all designs exclusive and made for the brand.  Yet, even with this luxe and premium standard, we have a very straightforward pricing.  We offer better price points without compromising the perceived luxury value.

What made you choose Dubai as your business ground?

On top of having the customer base we target, Dubai has a very business-friendly environment and I must say that the ease of doing business in Dubai is just incredible.  I take my hats off to the government for the many initiatives they have been putting into place in order to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and make the operations of businesses easier and better.

What challenges did you face in your business and how did you overcome them?

I am a mum to a little girl (just 2 years and 4 months!)  and I would say that the greatest challenge when I was just starting the business was finding work-life balance.  It would feel like my heart – that was longing to be with my little one at all times – and my time to get things done for Dolce E Fiore are being tugged a million different directions at once.  However, one thing that has helped me achieve the balance I’ve been looking for was setting my priorities right and sticking to proper schedules.  Of course, there were the typical entrepreneurial pitfalls, but I am fortunate enough to have a strong support system, especially my husband who has always been there to listen and give advice whenever I need them most.

What is your outlook and vision for Dolce E Fiore?

I would like Dolce E Fiore to be the go -to- brand when it comes to floral arrangements and gifting, and be able to grow my team with people who genuinely love working together and are passionate about the work they do.  We work hard to achieve this mission and hope that someday, we can open more stores across the UAE and other Gulf countries, too.  Envisaging my business in this way gives me a new burst of energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

What makes you passionate about your work?

Only a few people are fortunate enough to be able to turn their passion into a business. I love what I do – I am surrounded by beauty every single day and I am constantly in the process of creating something new, artistic and beautiful.  I also take joy in the fact that I help our customers celebrate special people in their lives.  Cliché as it may sound – I love what I do, and I feel like I never work a day in my life.

What is your success mantra?

Dream big, stay true to your passion and take joy in taking up any task to get the job done!

Any message to the budding womenpreneurs out there?

Having goals is essential! Knowing what you want from your business (and life) allows you to make plans of action to attain those goals. Without proper planning, you will find yourself easily discouraged and burnt out real quick when hurdles and pitfalls start coming in.  Stay passionate about your business and don’t let the business of running a business get in the way.

Quick Five with Sama Soltan

If Sama was not a business woman, what would she be?
I would probably be a children’s author.

Best way to relax?
Massage in an open area with a magnificent nature view if there is a chance to have it, if not, meditation, for sure!

Flowers are ……
Nature’s smile to humans 🙂

The best gift in life?
Aged cheddar cheese.

One thing you love about Dubai?
I love that me and my family feel safe in Dubai.

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