Destination Israel: fun-filled holiday

Israel is a country of contrasts, bridging the ancient and historical with an intricate blend of modern and contemporary architecture. In this small country lies a rich landscape encompassing nine climate zones, which all together set the ground for vivid surroundings, representing a perfect holiday destination.

Amazing Tel Aviv Beaches

The Tel Aviv beach stretches for ages along the whole western edge of the city, moving from historic Yaffo to the northern port near Park Hayarkon. Stretching over 14 kilometers along the Mediterranean, this sparkling coastline has a little bit of everything, and activities for each season. Whether you’re looking      to soak up the summer sun, use the stormy winter weather to catch a few waves, or jog along the tayelet, Tel Aviv’s  Mediterranean Sea is an amazing option! The atmosphere and the nice soothing waves will relax and rejuvenate you.

In Israel, they say happiness comes from salty water so why to wait? Let’s hope on the next flight and get there to get mesmerized by the beauty of the beaches in Tel Aviv- Hilton Beach, Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach, Bograshov Beach, Mezizim Beach, Banana Beach, Dolphinarium Beach, Alma Beach are some of the best Tel-Aviv beaches!

Unforgettable Experience of Dead Sea

One of the most unique experiences the Dead Sea has to offer is fun, free, and available everywhere! Floating in the Dead Sea is a must to do on your wishlist. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy this natural phenomenon.

Floating experience is the best part of what the Dead Sea has to offer. High salinity goes along with incredible mineral content that is known to improve various skin conditions and is widely used in beauty and cosmetic industries. All these amazing natural properties together with luxurious hotels along the shores make the Dead Sea region a world-famous spa resort you must have on your bucket list.

Holy land of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is home to many of Christianity’s, Islam’s and Judaism’s important holy sites. The wealth of historic, religious, and cultural landmarks is astonishing. Now part of Israel, Jerusalem has been fought over for millennia. Jerusalem is an interesting place for culture and history lovers. It is also a haven for food lovers. Below are some of the best places to visit in Jerusalem which has to be added to your itinerary – Haram Al-Sharif, Western Wall Plaza, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Tower Of David, Mount of Olives.

Beautiful Eilat

Eilat is Israel’s only Red Sea resort, resting glamorously in between Jordan and Egypt. The biggest tourist attraction here is the Red Sea’s famous diving, Eilat is one of the finest places to visit in the country for travelers who want to add some unforgettable adventures into their trip as it is a paradise for both land and sea. When you itch to get off the beach, you can visit the naturally sculpted world of Timna Park, one of Israel’s most beautiful and surreal things to do.

Plan your itinerary with below list of the top-rated tourist attractions and things to do in Eilat-Underwater Observatory, Explore Timna Park, Scooba dive with Dolphins, Dive and Snorkel, International Birding Center, Botanical Gardens.

Israel is a global destination that provides the perfect conditions to accommodate the UAE visitors, including halal food restaurants. The local Israeli Kosher food is halal-friendly and is loved by many tourists. Additionally, the country offers diverse family-oriented hotels and heritage sites for UAE nationals and expats.

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