Glimpse into Carpo’s Stunning Mediterranean-Inspired Interiors

World-renowned, international retail brand, Carpo, known for its exquisite selection of coffee and nuts, provides a glimpse into its Mediterranean-inspired interior of its Dubai Mall venue, the latest addition to the company’s successful chain of ten existing stores operating in prominent locations across London and Greece.

With 30 years of rich heritage and a favorite amongst royals and celebrities, carpo is widely-known for its selection of fine, hand selected nuts, premium chocolates, and specialty brewed coffee, paired with unmatched, genuine hospitality. The luxury interiors and warm ambiance transports guests to another era, honoring every customer and ensuring their visit is one to remember.

Designed by an architecture office based in Athens, Greece with the guidance of founder Konstantinos Kontopoulos. carpo’s Dubai Mall location was designed with the aim of transporting patrons back to the roots of carpo’s flagship store in Greece to reflect tradition, whilst combining antique European elements throughout, creating a sense of timeless luxury. In parallel, the store was immensely influenced by the1900’s, widely reflected in the detail-oriented interiors of the store, with rich elements such as wood, stones and metals, as well as furniture and decor.

The starting point of the design process was the creation of clearly defined functional zones combined with a sense of spatial freedom and a variety of materials and colors in relation with the local culture. As a result, the store’s layout allows the products to be well displayed and at the same time defines a surrounding moving flow line.

The antique Greek interior is clearly evident upon entering, from the storage and display units made of natural walnut, to the vibrant Tinos green marble on the countertops, paired with brass structures. The green marble is from the Greek island. Tinos quarries have a history of 5.000 years. It was then that carving of marbles started in the Cyclades islands and this is why Tinos is famous for its craftsmen and marble sculptures. These organic elements are contrasted amongst colors such as the red background of the customization section, and the black subway tiles on the feature wall behind the checkout counter, intended to create a warm yet luxurious environment.

Bringing the ‘antique’ ambiance further, the store is paired with the cozy tunes of jazz and opera playing, and fitted with antique chairs sourced from a theater in Italy inspired by the romantic period of the interwar. Through various decoration elements from all over the world, carpo blends harmonically different cultures while keeping its simplicity, authenticity, and balance. Carpo’s interior design is timeless, welcoming and transporting guests to another era.

Additionally, exceptional care has been given to the lighting design, which comes in unique, sphere-like forms, and are made of bronze material, displayed throughout the space.  and the store’s facade configuration, which hosts a special art corner.

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