The Dubai Re-Proposal

Men are hiring Proposal Boutique to have a second shot at their proposal!

Dubai’s luxury proposal planners, Proposal Boutique are giving men the opportunity to renew their marriage proposal with the launch of The Re-Proposal.

Many couples accelerated their wedding plans to move to the UAE and/or experienced rushed wedding plans due to COVID. Proposal Boutique are therefore helping these men to give their partners the proposal of their dreams the second time around.

Proposal Boutique have planned hundreds of marriage proposals and have a 100% success rate with that all important YES. Founder and CEO, Caroline Ralston says ‘our success rate is due to the attention to detail and the time that is spent with each client to truly personalise their experience. We learn about their relationship and think of creative and beautiful ways to make each proposal unique and magical, so that it is impossible for their partner to say no’.

The benefits of a re-proposal are immense. Firstly, the woman will never expect it, so you know it will be a total surprise!  Men know their wives inside out by now, so they know exactly what kind of proposal she will want and it’s an opportunity to show their continuous commitment and love.

Dubai is full of glitz & glam; we work closely with our men to create a unique and romantic way to propose in this futuristic city, whilst still adding a touch of the original proposal from home.

We are also seeing an increase in re-proposals to celebrate the wedding anniversary milestones, with the 10th being the most popular one so far!

The most popular places for a re-proposal are on private rooftops overlooking the Burj Khalifa, or on a private stretch of beach overlooking the Burj Al Arab. We have however also used private hotel villas at the Bvlgari, or Nurai Island, which we love to do for those that got proposed to at home during Covid. This adds an element of that ‘at home feeling’, before the couple then walk from their hotel suite to a private spot on the beach for a romantic dinner setup and spectacular decoration.

There are unlimited possibilities for re-proposals in Dubai and there are always new venues and attractions to explore. We love researching new proposal possibilities and ideas to ensure that each proposal is unique. With all these new options, it’s easy to see why Dubai is one of the leading proposal destinations in the World.

Caroline Ralston is the UAE’s very own marriage proposal planner, making dreams come true for hundreds of couples who have chosen to make the Emirates their venue of choice for marriage proposals.  The founder of Proposal Boutique, Caroline is a UK-born Dubai resident who earned a First-Class Honors Degree in Travel and Tourism Management, after which she began a career with Emirates Airline, before embarking on her own business journey with Proposal Boutique. Pioneering the destination proposal movement in the UAE, Caroline has so far enjoyed a 100% success rate and is proud to have planned over 400 marriage proposals. She has worked with a multitude of footballers, YouTube stars, international CEOs, global influencers, and the region’s most luxurious venues to deliver dream proposals.

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