Evermore’s flagship boutique opens in Dubai

Region’s only vertically-integrated, lab-grown  and sustainable diamond brand opens flagship boutique at New Gold Souk.

What– Evermore Diamonds

Where– Evermore boutique, New Gold Souq & Siroya Jewellers outlets across the UAE, and at luxury boutiques in London & Bahrain.

Prices- Starting AED 2000 

Contact – hello@evermore.diamonds.

Evermore’s flagship boutique is now open in the new Deira Gold Souk Extension in Dubai.

A joint venture between well-known UAE-based jewellery brand Siroya and New York based ALTR created diamonds, a world leader in high quality lab grown diamonds, Evermore promises diamonds twice as big for a lot less pricewise so more size, sparkle and shine than customers ever expected.

The stunning 750-square foot Evermore boutique is designed to tell the ‘lab grown diamond’ story in the most comprehensive way with more than 200 pieces of jewellery on display. From the timeless and classic Eternal Happiness collection that is certain to resonate with the bride to be to Halo for a Queen that showcases the brand’s design prowess and The Red Carpet that screams Hollywood glam, with each collection, Evermore dares to be different.

 “Be it the cost-effectiveness or the flexibility, lab grown resonates with today’s consumer who is looking to experiment and be enthusiastically sustainable. From shape to color to theme, lab grown diamonds allow you to experiment and bring out your personality through jewellery in a way that’s never been done before. This is the new order when it comes to jewellery and we are so excited to have a physical space to showcase our expertise, accent on ethics and versatility.”

                                                                        Rohan Siroya, CEO, Evermore by Siroya ALTR

What makes Evermore Diamonds unique?

EVERMORE diamonds are engineered from just carbon, mimicking the process of diamond creation that takes place under the earth, making them chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds. Made to order, these stones also have a pristine purity about them and are classified type 2, purer than 98% of the world’s diamond supply- like the rarest jewels in the world such as the Kohinoor and the Millennium Star. Consequently, they are better for the environment, do not exploit human labour and enjoy a low carbon footprint. Each unique piece of jewellery is crafted with unbridled imagination using lab grown diamonds that deliver more size, sparkle, and shine at unbelievable prices, hence exceeding customer expectations.

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