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DeCluttr Me Adds Wardrobe Shopping to their Repertoire

DeCluttr Me, the Dubai-based home and office organisation specialists, have launched a new Wardrobe Shopping service, helping you to achieve a more sustainable, compact, capsule wardrobe that suits your style.

Using the same streamlining principles which have helped hundreds of people inject a much-needed order into their lives with DeCluttr Me, Wardrobe Shopping is the perfect way to get a clear-eyed view of your closet, sort the sensational from the superfluous and find environmentally-friendly ways to get rid of things. After just one session, you’ll feel like you have a brand-new wardrobe without spending on new clothes. 

The service starts with a three-hour visit from DeCluttr Me’s stylist, who will assess the current contents of your wardrobe, evaluate what works for you, determine what should be kept, and how items can be mixed, matched and accessorised to create new looks. You will also learn your key colours and better understand your body shape. Unwanted items are then filtered into two piles: donate or repurpose. Repurposing can often be as simple as altering something to extend its lifespan, and anything that needs tweaking will be pinned and prepared by the stylist. The three-hour at-home session costs AED 800 with an additional 50% off as an introductory offer during the month of October.

 “Personal styling is a natural extension for DeCluttr Me. When you understand what suits you, you can be more organised, save money and reduce the stress of having a full closet but nothing to wear. My main goal is to enhance what you already have at home and help you to achieve your ideal wardrobe featuring the right colours, shapes and styles.”

                                                                                  Jody Ingrilli, stylist, DeCluttr Me

If you do identify any gaps, Jody provides an add-on shopping service to buy key pieces based on your style and budget. Any new items will be thoroughly organised, with recommendations for categorising and storing.

Below are few decluttering tips from Shelina Jokhiya, Founder, Decluttr Me

  • Don’t try and tackle it all at once–  Start with a mini-declutter session. Spend 15 -20 minutes decluttering items from a small area in a room, such as a kitchen shelf, a coffee table, or a hanging area. The next day, move onto another manageable area in the same room. If you commit to doing that every day you will have decluttered an entire room in a week.
  • Sorting the stuff– Once you have removed items, sort the remaining items in each area into broad categories and organise a space for them.
  • Follow the “Buy 1, Get Rid of 2” rule– When you buy something new, get into the habit of clearing out two existing items (preferably in the same bracket as what you have purchased). So, if you buy one dress, declutter two dresses from your wardrobe.
  • More storage is not the solution – Finding a bunch of new baskets, bins and containers for your clutter is counterproductive. Bringing in more storage to your house and hiding your junk might seem like a quick fix now but it’s a waste of time and money long-term. If you keep it up, you’ll soon need storage for your storage!
  • Say no to freebies – refuse giveaways because the price of clutter is too high for most of us. Plus, the mass-production of common free gifts like caps, t-shirts, mugs and pens is terrible for the planet.

About Shelina Jokhiya, Founder, Decluttr Me

Originally from the UK, Shelina has lived in Dubai for 15 years where she founded her home and office organising company DeCluttr Me. Shelina discovered she had a natural gift when she was a child, spending hours organising cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and her huge collection of Madonna memorabilia into simple systems. While school teachers admired her organised files, it wasn’t considered a career choice and she was encouraged to study law. After reading law at university, Shelina became a solicitor working in London and Dubai for companies, including Bertelsmann and Emirates. Despite her success in law career, Shelina knew her heart was elsewhere. She never gave up on her dream of becoming a professional organiser and decided to take the leap, launching DeCluttr Me in 2013, the region’s first licenced, professional organising service. For the past eight years, she has been helping clients declutter their space to find their items in less than five seconds. Her first book “Can You Find it in Five Seconds?” was a natural next step on her mission towards helping people lead more relaxed, motivated, and productive lives – free of clutter!

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