Japan’s YOKU MOKU Opens Flagship Branch in UAE

The Premium Confectionary brand brings smiles to UAE Residents as Japan Increases Investments in UAE Market After Celebrating 50 Year Relations.

Japanese culture has livened up City Center Mirdif today with the opening of YOKU MOKU’s flagship branch in the UAE. His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, PAM Roving Ambassador for the GCC and Chairman of INDEX Holding, was in attendance to celebrate the opening and commence the inauguration ceremony alongside Mr. RYUNO Shoji, Deputy Consul-General of Japan in Dubai, to show support and display the strength of UAE and Japanese relations. Accompanying them was Mr. Sohei Nishino, Chief Marketing Officer of YOKU MOKU; and Eng. Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding – an Emirati owned and operated organization that is the master franchisee of the brand.

As a long-established confectionery manufacturer with its founding shop in Aoyama, Tokyo, and having more than 100 stores around the world, which now includes two in Dubai and two in Bahrain, the premium confections are becoming more favorable within the GCC due to their fine, delicate, and sweet nature. The opening of the new store comes at a time when UAE and Japan marked a celebratory 50 years of diplomatic relations earlier in the year, a close ally since the founding of the nation.

The UAE and Japan continue to expand on their strong ties of diplomatic and financial collaborations, where bilateral trade has reached $30.5 billion last year alone. The UAE is also host to around 4,300 Japanese expats and 350 Japanese companies through various sectors which also includes infrastructure and energy.

Mr. Ryuno Shoji, Deputy Consul-General of Japan in Dubai stated: “I would like to extend our congratulations on the opening of YOKU MOKU for its authentic Japanese confections. It takes much effort to open these branches, and I am certain, that this opening today will increase the popularity of our Japanese specialties, which ultimately increases the number of consumers for this premium brand in the region.”

He continued: “This opening also symbolizes the continuing strength of UAE and Japan relations, where all sectors have become of important mutual interest, including food and beverage. So, we encourage everyone to visit and enjoy the best of what Japan has to offer.”

Known for their politeness and kindness when treating others, the concept of “sincerity” was always considered the necessary ingredient for good confectionary and cookies as displayed by the late founder of YOKU MOKU, Mr. Noriichi Fujinawa. He believed that confectioneries have a magical power to make people smile and dedicated his entire life to making the finest premium brand, telling everyone that they are, “important to our lives.”

Mr. Sohei Nishino, Chief Marketing Officer of YOKU MOKU stated: “We design connections between people and create a world where deliciousness and smiles exist together through confectionery. So, the opening of the new store in Dubai, a city of great diversity where people from all over the world gather, is the perfect opportunity for YOKU MOKU’s confectionery to reach out to more people in the region and contribute to a community full of smiles. Through our overseas business, we aim to create a future where people with diverse cultures and values transcend national borders, where deliciousness and smiles can be shared by all, in line with the “love for humanity” all over the world.”

With the formation of the company dating back to 1969, YOKU MOKU’s long history was to make sure that people enjoyed every bite, and that includes ensuring the process making of their confections are always supervised and completed under the best standards. The most important conditions to creating YOKU MOKU’s confections are structured around the greatest hygienic practices while using the best organized equipment to date, and only using the freshest ingredients imported from Japan.

YOKU MOKU packages their confections in their now famous wooden and tin-boxes, marking them as a premium gift brand that creates long-lasting memories. The wooden boxes are made in Japan, adding a commemorative touch that one may keep for a lifetime. The premium wrapping concept of YOKU MOMU introduces innovative alternatives to gifting where it has become popular to celebrate many occasions between family, friends, and corporate meetings alike.

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