Ten facts about new Hindu Temple in Dubai

It has been more than a month since the new Hindu Temple opened in Jebelali. We cant help gushing over its beauty. We take pride in revealing some interesting facts about the temple which is not just a contemporary spiritual hub for all faiths but also houses many faces of divinity from communal connection to worship, knowledge and societal aid.

Here are some interesting facts about Hindu temple in Jebelali-

  1. The temple is inspired by the Mandala design- each of the 16 deities have been intentionally placed in specific locations according to their independent intelligence and powers. Every piece is pre-meditated and meticulously thought out.  The spaces are all crafted to allow the energies to activate the chakras within the human system.

2. The temple has been built keeping in mind the principle of Vastu shastra, a collection of guidelines that are specific to Hindu architecture.

3. Temple architect Mr. Subhash Bhoite brought his 45 years of experience on board to ensure that every aspect was accounted for. His 124 temple design projects meant that he is a specialist who is aware of every facet, from breaking ground to positioning idols and everything in between.

4. Before even beginning the construction, the Shiva Lingam was placed in a high positive-wave centric place that allows the conduction of good vibrations through our bare feet.

5. The showstopping piece is the 3D-printed lotus symbol (10 meters in diameter and 4 meters in height) in the central ceiling dome.

6. The temple features a floating hall with no columns (or pillars) to allow the free flow of energy through its space.

7. A total of 108 ornately carved brass bells in different sizes adorn the foyer ceiling on the first floor.

8. Almost 85 tonnes of marble were imported from Makrana in Rajasthan (India) in five shipments for building the temple.

9. The temple interior  is a stunning mix of Indo-Arabic architecture.

10. The temple is located in the Worship Village where other places of worship like Gurudwara and Church are also located.

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