Four Reasons to love the New “Shape It Eyebrow Gel”

The ethically sourced brow gel that really works is now available to purchase at Amazon and

What: Shape It Eyebrow Gel by Silke

Where: Available to purchase Amazon and

Price: AED 119


Beauty lovers rejoice as exciting beauty and skincare brand, Silke announces the launch of an incredible product that your brows will love! Shape It Eyebrow Gel is available to purchase now from Amazon and It is sure to be a huge hit with the beauty community – it is a divine product that massively enhances brow texture.

Silke was conceived and lovingly created by avid beauty consumers who continuously sought out the best cosmetic and skincare products. The brand was born from an unbridled passion to bring brilliant, standout products to the market, kicking off the fun with the Shape It Eyebrow Gel.

Here are four good reasons why you’ll love this game changing eyebrow gel:

Shape It Eyebrow Gel by Silke will magnify your natural beauty

Silke created a tried and tested, brow gel that will shape your brows and make them pop! The result being a beautifully natural effect that does not dry white, with no “gluey” residue.

It is a blend of natural and nourishing ingredients

Using castor oil which is nature’s most restorative ingredient, this gel will not deplete your brows, but will leave them smooth and revitalized. It’s a wonderfully multifunctional product that serves to shape, define, and nourish. Your brows will thank you on every level.

The Shape It Eyebrow Gel enhances every set of brows

It will tame the most rebellious brows and “fluff up” the thinnest! Expect stunning shape and definition without the brows looking rigid or encased in product

Silke is a fresh brand promising to rewrite the standards of natural beauty

Silke believes in the power of enhancing natural beauty, not masking it! Their quest is to make people feel great in their own skin, and inclusivity is at the core of what they do. Silke want to rewrite the rules and create new standards for natural beauty. At the forefront of botanical innovations and planet-friendly packaging, Silke’s breakthrough beauty products blend science with nature. Meaning beauty without ethical compromise. They are dedicated to “clean beauty” using only safe, ethically sourced, and natural ingredients.

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