Dubai-based girl Eva emerges winner in 2022 World Monologue Games.

Ahead of her latest US movie release later this month, thirteen year old Eva Petersson wins Breakout Performer from over 1,000 competing actors in World Monologue Games. She already has TV talk shows and Hollywood movies under her belt.

Eva Petersson has once again brought prestige to the UAE with her most recent performance at the 2022 World Monologue Games. Over the past months, Eva battled her way to the Global Finals of the largest acting showcase in the world, which featured 1,000 performers from over 100 countries. Eva was one of only 90 competitors across six categories to have won a spot in the Global Finals.

Born and raised in Dubai, UAE, Eva Petersson is a multi-award-winning actress, singer, and dancer.

The 13 -year old Swedish-French national Eva Pattersson fell in love with performing arts at the tender age of eight and has never looked back. She goes to American School of Dubai.

She broke into Hollywood with her role as Penelope Grayson in Go! Iguanas and received international recognition through the title role in ‘Where is Lucy’? Eva continues to improve her craft with professional training from award-winning coaches in acting, singing, and dancing. During her free time, she organises anti-bullying campaigns at her school, the American School of Dubai.

Talking about her recent victory, Eva explains, “The monologue I’m performing is about a young dreamer, a student who was anxiously waiting for the results of their scholarship to a prestigious school. Hopeful yet anxious, the character went from lamenting about how their dreams depended heavily on getting the scholarship, to celebrating their success. Competing on the world’s stage like this is a dream come true and I was super excited to share my work!”

Industry professionals from around the world, including renowned actors, film directors and heads of international acting schools, weighed in to select which performers went through to the Finals.

Almost a hundred thousand viewers tuned in to watch the Qualifiers and Regional Livestream Finals this year. Having made it to the Youth Global round for the second consecutive Games, this year Eva bagged the “WMG Breakout Performer Badge in Bronze.”

Event founder Pete Malicki, who is extremely thrilled to see World Monologue Games getting bigger and better each year reckons “What I love most about the Games is seeing amazing performers from all around the world come together in a single event,” he says. “More than half the world’s countries have participated, although I won’t feel entirely satisfied until we get our first submission from Antarctica”.

About World Monologue Games-

World Monologue Games is a global acting competition and virtual showcase, allowing professional and budding actors from anywhere in the world to participate from their homes.

Its key aim is to provide access to any actor in the world who’d like to participate and to create great entertainment for the audience. The World Monologue Games began in 2020 to provide space for artists around the world to showcase their talents, despite the then-ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. The World Monologue Games continues to serve as a space for actors to perform and interact with their communities.

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