Maintaining hair colour the right way

Dualsenses By Goldwell offers tips on preventing hair colour from fading

Almost everyone colours their hair, however the importance of color maintenance doesn’t stop with the stylist at the salon, it relies heavily on the aftercare and colour upkeep at home! Refreshing and reviving hair color is key to healthy-looking hair, and the five revolutionary colour lines under the Dualsenses range by Goldwell, the German salon-professional haircare brand, does just that.  The five revolutionary colour lines from the Dualsenses range of professional solutions were formulated to serve any colour and hair type needs with the perfect antidote for colour maximization.

The Dualsenses range was designed to deliver instant visible results with built-in colour protection in all products for long lasting, beautifully-vibrant hair.

 Goldwell experts have provided five tips to maintaining hair colour for that inevitable fade, known to deliver long-lasting hair colour solutions.

1.Use color shampoos for color maintenance.

 Use professional shampoos and conditioners that are colour-protective with low sulfate and rich ingredients. The Dualsenses range by Goldwell is the secret weapon for instant coverage. Refreshed with a unique technology for the perfect care, the range’s microPROtectechnologyhas direct dyes to provide quick and even distribution for optimal care and colour refreshment. DualSenses Colour Revive line keeps hair colour salon-fresh and refreshes root colour in an instant with shampoos and conditioners that complement Goldwell’s colour portfolio and are perfect for intensifying salon colour at home. For fine to normal hair, try Dualsenses Colour luminosity or for thick to coarse hair, opt for Color Extra Rich line, the unique FadeStopFormula technology also used in the range, minimizes colour fading with every use.

2.Frequency of Dualsenses product application is important to remove unwanted undertones.

 For the perfect match to your colour, select from Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights line to bring out colour luminosity and neutralize unwanted yellow tones for blonde colour reflections and highlighter hair. For blondes who like extra pigment in the hair, use Blondes & Highlights with every wash.

Use Dualsenses Color Revive Line only once or twice a month in between hair appointments to keep it refreshed, as the more you use the product the more colour builds up in the hair. For red hair, to get extra vibrancy, use the range every or every other time to impact the colour. To deal with greys, opt for the Dualsenses Silver line to neutralize unwanted yellow tones and instantly refine cool effects for grey and cool blonde hair.

3.Avoid sun exposure and rinse chlorine out immediately

If you are going to swim in chlorine or the sea, wear a cap, as the water makes the hair more porous and will ultimately lead to fading colour. To decrease the chances, always wash chlorine or sea water out immediately and wear a cap while out in the sun to decrease exposure.

4.Use Color Revive or Color Leave-in Masks

Specially designed for colored hair, the lightweight leave-in conditioner will nourish instantly for improved colour retention.

5.Use heat protectant before styling the hair

The Just Smoothis a heat protectant from Godlwell’s StyleSign supports in creating true signature styles, the easy-to-use and reliable products simplify the styling routine, whilst helping protect hair from heat that will prevent premature colour fading.

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