Lila Wood-Fired Taqueria: Transporting Mexican flavours to Dubai

Finding authentic Mexican food is not easy in this part of the world, but my search for the same comes to a happy end with the discovery of the cute and cosy Lila Wood-Fired Taqueria. Using traditional and time-tested Mexican culinary techniques to grind the perfect corn masa for exceptional tortillas Lila Wood-Fired Taqueria also prides in a 30-minute delivery service to Dubai’s most celebrated public beaches.

What  Lila Wood-Fired Taqueria

Where–  Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

What cuisine –  Mexican

Cost of meal for two– AED 200

Must try– Tortillas with dips, Cabbage Tacos, Sweet Potato Tostido, Coffee

For those looking for authentic Mexican food experience, I strongly recommend Lila Wood-Fired Taqueria. Lila brings authentic Mexican cuisine to Dubai through its time-honoured traditions and authentic wood-fired flavors previously unavailable in the region. Their menu is anchored in heirloom corn brought directly from small farms in Mexico, which is freshly ground to create the best quality hand-pressed tortillas and tostadas. They also offer a full specialty coffee program from RAW Coffee Company, featuring single origin beans grown in Veracruz and Chiapas and served in custom-made chunky earthen cups. Besides, their daily salsas and aguas frescas made with fresh, seasonal ingredients are simply delectable!

Warm hospitality and delicious food made with organic produce are the hallmarks of Lila Wood-fired Taqueria. I tried their tortillas and can vouch for their finger-licking dips and guacamole. Their cabbage tacos were the best I have tried till date. I am sure these dips and tacos will be pulling me back to Lila for revisits! We even sneaked into their kitchen premises to take a peek into the tortilla and taco making process.

Before we left, we tried the signature coffees in the customised earthen pots and both- coffee and the mugs have stolen my heart!!

Designed with a comfy open floor plan that features an intimate dining area, an open kitchen, and a sidewalk terrace, Lila offers a casual dining experience with warm, homely vibes with complementary valet parking. For those who enjoy food on-the-go, Lila offers an all-day walk-up taco window. They also offer vegan options!

Meet the head chef and owner: Shaw Lash

Lash worked as executive chef alongside Chicago’s Rick Bayless, a pioneer of modern, regionally-inspired Mexican food in the U.S., as the team opened a variety of fast-casual Mexican concepts in both Chicago and New York before making a headway into the UAE market. She further fed her passion and dedication to preserving authentic Mexican flavors and culinary techniques by studying under Diana Kennedy, an ethno-gastronomer who revealed the art, history, significance, and complexity of Mexican cuisine to an international audience. Chef Lash is deeply knowledgeable of the techniques, flavors, and nuances of Mexican cookery and is proud to bring the splendor of authentic Mexican cuisine to Dubai at Lila.

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