A big fat Indian wedding in Abu Dhabi

Intimate, bespoke, and customized to the last detail weddings are finding favor with many millennials as the new norm.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding – famous for its glamour, eye-popping décor, designer clothes, and multi-cuisine buffets – is fast making way for a novel new trend: customization. Such weddings allow creative individuals like the groom, Bharat, a Dubai based event planner, to unleash their creativity and bring forth creative ideas to life. Starting from the invite video to the celebration that kicks off with a realistic heart logo beating to the tune of the lovebirds’ recorded heartbeats merged.

Theirs was the most romantic and thoughtful proposal with the groom taking care of even the minute details. In his proposal, Bharat gave Mehek a vase in the shape of an anatomically shaped heart with flowers and a promise ring on one artery. The anatomical heart represented the doctor, the flowers represented the event planner, and the union of the two formed their wedding logo as that single image put together their entire love story. In addition to the wedding logo, Mehek even had the kaliras customized with special dates and trinkets that represented their love.

As a couple, Bharat and Mehek complement each other very well because of their opposite personalities. They had been made aware of each other by a family friend but assumed because of their different backgrounds, they wouldn’t get along and were also prepared to say no to each other. But it was love at the first talk for these two soulmates, and they both knew saying no was out of the question. Matches are made in heaven and going through the pages of Bharat and Mehek’s love story makes one believe in just that!

There is a growing trend among millennials to have intimate, tailored, and customized weddings. On the grid shell of the W, Yas Island, the wedding couple had their wedding hashtag displayed. For the welcoming of all the guests at event functions, the couple arranged for a custom-made #BooM carpet to be placed at each entryway. There were also custom face mascots made for 2 of the functions acting as a photo op for guests while giving the couple a break in the middle of the festivities.

As an event planner by profession, being meticulous about details becomes normal, which leads to giving a beautiful meaning to everything including the traditional wedding outfits and especially their first dance as a married couple. They danced their first dance during the reception to a song that had been curated by the multitalented groom specifically for his bride. Truly a romantic gesture!

The reception jacket worn by Bharat for the wedding had a symbolic meaning to it as well. It had the constellations of the night where he met Mehek in Nagpur, India, embroidered on it. It was a custom-made jacket by Delhi-based fashion designer, Siddhartha Tytler. It probably doesn’t get grander than this, but it does!

There was grandness and intimacy, opulence and extravagant, it was everything Bharat and Mehek wanted.  At the Morning Sangeet, the décor and set-up brought life with the brightest colors and the cutest, intimate props from the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. at the bar. It was also a grand affair with the cocktail and ring ceremony where the couple exchanged rings on ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. A bluewater backdrop framed the Wedding Mandap (Stage) set over the swimming pool. The wedding included a royal Indian Baraat on the 9th floor of the W Abu Dhabi, Yas Island Hotel where the groom was sitting on a 6ft tall faux elephant with a wedding procession dancing to the beats of royal drummers and Indian dholwalas. This wedding had so, so many ideas to take inspiration from!

It took a village of incredible wedding professionals to coordinate and pull off this amazing wedding that the lovely couple dreamt of and expected. On top of local Dubai artists, the following celebrities and artists came from abroad to entertain the guests with their #BooMbastic beats: DJ AJ Wavy accompanied by DJ IRF flew down from London for the wedding and made the guests dance to his beats. Hashtag Affairs who were in charge of the photography captured the most beautiful pictures of their dreamy wedding which makes one feel inspired by love! It’s no wonder they have been recognized with an influencer award from a prominent wedding service platform. There was also a macro influencer, Dixita Patel who flew in from Mumbai to guide wedding guests on how to pose at the photo booth.  Choosing a favourite part of this wedding would be impossible; there is just so much to love!

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