Metta yoga centre infuses life into yoga sessions

What- Metta Yoga Centre

Where- dubai autism centre, garhoud

Speciality- yoga, meditation, breathing

Its quite well known that yoga is great for the mind, body and soul. There are several yoga trainers and institutes in Dubai but what makes Metta Yoga centre stand out is their endeavour to take the classes ‘beyond asanas’. This concept takes yoga classes to a different level with a dedicated time for creativity like dance, painting, singing in each of its classes. With this, Metta Yoga Centre has proven that yoga and creativity can go hand in hand and can take individuals physical and mental health from normal to the superlative.

Located in Dubai Autism Centre, Garhoud ,Metta Yoga Centre conducts yoga, meditation classes for people of all age groups. Over fifty people are already gaining benefits of these classes. There are special classes for senior citizens and  ladies-only and children-only classes  with dedicated asanas for each age group. Apart from dedicated classes for females (with female instructors) and online and onsite classes at customers location, Metta Yoga Centre also conducts corporate classes, prenatal and post- natal classes.

Metta means life, love and kindness and it is also a form of meditation. Speaking about the same, Naveen Kumar, Director, Metta Yoga Centre (an ex- Financial Advisor with Metlife Insurance) reckons, “At Metta, we try to infuse life into our classes with a dose of creativity after the usual yoga sessions and this idea is already gaining lot of popularity amongst its clients. What makes us unique apart from our creative endeavour is that every class involves a different set of asanas to break the monotony and infuse variety.” Co-Director, Rekha Agarwal agrees on the same, “Our aim is to spread awareness about yoga to maximum people irrespective of age, sex, caste, nationality or background, so they can benefit from the variety of asanas for better health and mental state. Our classes are designed in a way that every individual feels connected and derives the maximum benefit.”

At Metta Yoga Centre, it’s not just the trainers or the artistry of the classes that are the focal point, but the ambience at Metta goes a long way in attracting people to take yoga coaching here. With pleasing Balinese vibes, positive vibrations and cosy interiors, people feel so connected to the venue that they done feel like leaving the place.

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