Dubai born Tanisha Crasto wins Bronze Medal in a Mixed Team Event at Expo 2020

19- yr old Tanisha Crasto has already earned 300 medals and trophies at various local tournaments to international championships.

How long have u been in UAE? pls discuss how you started playing badminton and explain your badminton journey from start till today.

Born and bought up in Dubai, I completed my 12th Grade from Indian High School Dubai and relocated to India for my training in the National camp in Hyderabad in Pullela Gopichand Academy. Simultaneously, I am pursuing my BA Honors from Jain University in Bangalore. At the age of 5, I started accompanying my dad who would play and is still playing in India Club Dubai. He found out that I had keen interest in playing this sport and started training me from then itself. Initially I played all the 3 events (Women’s Singles/Women’s Doubles/Mixed Doubles) and won lot of tournaments in UAE and GCC also. Later I found that I was enjoying Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles so I switched to those categories.

How would you describe Tanisha as a player and as a human being?

As a badminton player, am extremely dedicated and disciplined in my training and practice. I am competitive and I strive continuously to improve my skills and performance. Off the court, I am friendly and sociable, but also focused and goal-oriented in my personal and professional life.

How do you juggle studies and badminton? What are your other passions, if any?

Juggling study and badminton requires effective time management and prioritization. I create a schedule that allows me sufficient time for both activities and I stick to that schedule. It’s also essential to communicate with teachers, coaches, and teammates to ensure that everyone is aware of my commitments and can support me as and when needed. I also love listening to music.

Discuss the support you received from school and family in your badminton journey.

Having a strong support system from family and school is crucial for any athlete, including badminton players. My entire support is from my family be it emotional encouragement, financial assistance, transportation and attending matches to show support. Indian High School was also supportive during my playing tenure in the Junior Category. They helped me to balance academics and athletics.

Pls tell us about you accolades in badminton field-all that you have achieved till today with special focus on recent match at Expo 2020.

I have won over 300 medals and trophies at different levels and championships. Some of these matches are Syed Modi International (BWF Super 500), India Open Challenge, Junior National Champion, Silver in Scotland Open in XD, etc. In the recent Asian Badminton Championship, we won the Bronze Medal. This is the first medal India received in a Mixed Team Event. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful team on this journey of success.

What is your ambition in life and what are your future aspirations in terms of badminton?

My ambition is to compete at the Olympics or World Championships and bring a medal for my country and make my country and my parents proud. I also want to aspire to mentor younger players and share my knowledge and experience.

What is your mantra or message to youngsters pursuing badminton or any sport as career?

My message to youngsters pursuing badminton or any sport as a career would be to follow their passion and stay committed to their goals. Overall, the key to success in any sport is to have a passion for the game, work hard, and remain dedicated to achieving one’s goals. With the right attitude, discipline, and perseverance, anything is possible.

Any memorable incident in badminton life that you want to share with readers?

During the world super series finals took place in Dubai, I got the chance to meet badminton champion Saina Nehwal and we had a few shots on court and had a whole theme park for ourselves. I will forever cherish this moment.

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