Cookery Corner at SCRF brings an unforgettable culinary experience.

From Indian vegan cuisine to Portuguese homestyle cooking, the Cookery Corner at the 14th edition of SCRF offers a diverse range of culinary delights for foodies of all ages through 30 cooking events.

The popular Cookery Corner at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) is gearing up to present a delectable global feast with 12 celebrated chefs and food experts from 9 countries around the world at its upcoming 14th annual edition.

30 culinary events will showcase the skill and passion of leaders of Arab, Asian, African and European cuisine, and will be staged through the 12-day festival in Expo Centre Sharjah, from May 3 – 14. Themed ‘Train your Brain’, SCRF 2023 is organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA).

Meet the Chefs

From New Zealand, chef and author Ashia Ismael will blend her Indian lineage with her own experiences in the Kiwi kitchen. Ismael’s approach to cooking has been deeply influenced by her family’s migration history from India to Malawi and then to the UK.

Priyanka Naik joins from India to share her unique take on eco-friendly cooking, which earned her a global reputation.She is also a regular contributor to The Washington Post.

Uma Raghuraman popularly known as ‘Masterchef Mom’also joins the SCRF 2023 lineup from the Indian subcontinent. The celebrated chef and blogger will demonstrate recipes from her book My Genius Lunch Box, which consists of dozens of healthy meals designed particularly for children.

Ana Ortins from the US will share her passion for Portuguese cuisine which was formed in her birth town in the Alentejo region of Portugal before her parents moved to America. The chef and author of two bestselling cookbooks celebrating the art of Portuguese food has gained a global following for her detailed attention to flavour.

Fatina Al Daher, a famous chef from Lebanon, who rose to fame with her quick recipe demonstrations on her social media page will be sharing some of her easy dishes with SCRF 2023 audiences. The popular TV presenter from the show “Mag YawmiYati” and brand ambassador of leading food brands has also published a cookbook titled Fatina’s Recipes in Arabic and English.

Bringing her skills to the SCRF kitchen, Moroccan chef, TV presenter and author of 5 cookbooks, Assia Othman, will introduce delectable local dishes to the audience.

Maitha and Abdulrahman, twin Emirati chefs famous for being the youngest to receive diplomas from the International Centre for Culinary Arts in Dubai, and will take SCRF 2023 visitors on a culinary journey of the UAE.

Finally, Anto Cocagne, a Gabonian Chef based in Paris, will share her experiences with the audience. Cocagne studied culinary arts in France and the US before starting her career as a chef and consultant in African kitchens in Paris.

SCRF unveils its first-ever ‘Cookery Workshops for Kids’

A new and exciting addition to the SCRF cookery corner, ‘Cookery Workshops for Kids’, will bring young culinary enthusiasts together with participating chefs and experts who will teach them how to fix their own lunch boxes as well as make simple and healthy dishes like spaghetti cups, pizza, sushi. Children can also partake in chocolate making lessons, whip up delicious ice creams and the famous Japanese cheesecake.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2023 will feature 1,732 events led by over 457 guests from 66 countries. The event includes 136 performances ranging from theatrical shows, dance shows, mobile shows, and symphonic singing performances

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