Aahana Kumra expresses yoga love on International Yoga Day

Famous Bollywood and OTT star shares attributes her slim, svelte figure to regular yoga practice along with other fitness regimen.

It’s International Yoga Day and besides celebrating the occasion, the nation is taking the opportunity to talk about the significance of Yoga as a means to stay fit both physically and mentally. Celebs, who are also fitness enthusiasts, are sending out their best wishes on the occasion, sharing their views and also encouraging fans to follow the same.

Aahana Kumra, the 38 yr old Bollywood and OTT actress is an avid yoga enthusiast. She rose to fame with her movies “Lipstick under my Burkha, Salaam Venky, India Lockdown and more recently with series Yudh and Call My Agent. Speaking about her inclination towards yoga she says, “India became known for yoga worldwide. People all over the world have started to realize the benefits of yoga.“The reason why I started yoga was that it focuses on breath, which is the most important part of our existence. Yoga has immensely helped me in balancing my mind and body. It has also improved yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.   I start my day practicing yoga and go for working out later in the day. Yoga has numerous benefits if we look at it closely. You will get relief when you practice it regularly. As it keeps away the ailments from our mind and body. In addition, when we practice several asanas and postures, it strengthens our body and gives us a feeling of well-being and healthiness.”

She further adds, “I believe that you don’t have to be extreme in life just be consistent. The same applies to your fitness routine. For me, Yoga is a bliss just like any meditation practice. After starting practicing yoga I feel the freshness and difference in my lifestyle. I personally feel that once the consistency is maintained, our body starts to speak. My body becomes better and I feel more confident, more powerful, more aligned and balanced in my life,” 

Lastly Kumra says, “It helps me in keeping my mental and physical health intact. It helps me to connect to nature. Also, my body has become more flexible after consistent yoga practice. It also helps you to also develop a great sense of self-discipline and self-awareness. In short, it improves our well-being and gives us better mental clarity. I would also like to add that Getting adequate sunlight ( morning sunlight in particular) is equally important for good health.

I wish Happy International Yoga day to everyone, stay fit and happy!”

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