Mariam Azmy Effective Leadership Can Strengthen Women Empowerment

Mariam Azmy, Partner and Chief People Officer (CPO) at ASGC says effective leadership can strengthen women empowerment

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, it is heartening to witness a remarkable shift in the narrative that places women empowerment at the forefront of every conversation. The business world now recognizes the significance of fostering an environment that promotes gender equality, enabling women to unleash their full potential and make inspiring contributions to the growth and evolution of a company.

At the heart of turning these ideals into reality lies the responsibility of our top leadership. A company with leaders who demonstrate sensitivity, empathy and a genuine commitment to inclusivity can play a pivotal role in boosting female participation within the workplace.

Beyond its intrinsic value, women empowerment holds tremendous importance for the greater economy. Research indicates that emphasizing gender equality has a positive impact on a nation’s economic and financial systems. A study by Pricewater Cooper Middle East in 2022 showed that an increased focus on women’s employment in the MENA region could potentially boost the GDP by a staggering 57% or up to $2 trillion.

However, statistics and figures aside, what truly drives sustainable success for a company is fostering an inclusive culture that places diversity and gender equality at its core. To achieve this, leaders must prioritise providing ample opportunities for skill development and mentorship to its female workforce.

Offering tailored programmes and upskilling sessions that address specific barriers faced by women helps nurture their talents and bolster their confidence. By creating a safe and supportive space, where their voices are heard, needs are respected and ideas are valued, we encourage them to soar towards their ambitions and dreams.

Supporting work-life balance is another pivotal way to uplift women in offices. Family friendly policies and measures that enable them to harmoniously manage personal and professional responsibilities, speaks volumes about the leadership’s commitment to their well-being.

Moreover, as leaders, it is crucial that we celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of female employees. Even small gestures can make a world of difference, increasing job satisfaction and loyalty among team members. Identifying and nurturing talent from within, coupled with providing ample platforms for career advancement, will lead to genuine empowerment.

As 21st-century business leaders, the current era offers a great opportunity to embrace women empowerment wholeheartedly. By doing so, we not only create a brighter future for our organisations but also play an integral part in shaping a more inclusive and prosperous world beyond the workplace. Together, we can forge a path towards progress, where everyone rises to their fullest potential.

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