Emirati Climber Fatima Sajwani Becomes First Emirati Woman to Summit Mont Blanc


Summitting Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s most famed mountaintop, represents a new milestone
in Fatima’s remarkable climbing career

Emirati mountaineer Fatima Sajwani etched her name in history on 16 July 2023 by becoming the first Emirati woman to summit Mont Blanc. The daring adventure began on 13 July 2023, taking Fatima Sajwani about 4 days to summit the Alps’ highest peak.

Summitting Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s most famed mountaintop, represents a new milestone in Fatima’s remarkable climbing career. A mountaineering pioneer in her homeland, Fatima Sajwani has already set significant records for her country within the mountaineering world. Last year, she became the first Emirati to ascend Africa’s third highest and most treacherous summit, Margherita Peak.

To reach the pinnacle of Mont Blanc, Fatima traversed the Aiguille du Goûter Route, facing icy terrains and strenuous scrambling and climbing to reach the Goûter Hut, which is situated at an altitude of 3835m. Here, she had to wait for two days for weather conditions to improve before she could continue her climb towards the summit. A final push up through the Dome du Goûter and the Vallot Hut allowed Fatima to reach the summit.

This successful ascent is the result of months of intensive training in the UAE and the meticulous execution of a carefully planned expedition, as well as favorable weather conditions. A year prior, Fatima Sajwani made a valiant attempt to summit Mont Blanc but was forced to retreat mid-ascent, due to sudden changes in weather.

Speaking about her achievement, Fatima Sajwani said: “I am proud to continue the legacy of other great female Emirati sportswomen across diverse fields who have paved the way for me. I am grateful to be able to represent the UAE in mountaineering, a sport in which Middle Eastern athletes are usually underrepresented. My motivation to set new records for my country is fueled by my raise my nation’s flag over new peaks and to inspire young Emiratis, especially women, to embrace extreme sports.”

Tired but elated, Fatima Sajwani is already setting her sights on her next challenge. Once back in the UAE, she plans to start training for Ama Dablam in Nepal, a Himalayan peak famed for its steep pitches and sharp ridges.

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