Abaya Rally revs up women’s empowerment to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day at the Museum of the Future

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The 3rd edition featured an all-women drive with 200 women dressed in Abayas in Dubai

The adventure-infused glamorous Abaya Rally flagged off at the Dubai Autodrome Club Circuit in Dubai with an exhilarating all-woman drive experience representing women breaking stereotypes, moving towards strength, ambition, and a sustainable future. Participants embarked on a journey on the tracks that blended adrenaline-pumping excitement with a powerful message of empowerment and unity.

The initiative recognizes the impact of women, their achievements, strength, and the ‘Power of the Abaya’ – embodying a proud tradition, a deeply respected culture, and the identity of women in the UAE. The event concluded at the iconic Museum of the Future on Sunday.

The event was attended by distinguished guests, achievers, partners, members of the Media, and partners. The celebrations included a Women of Achievement awards ceremony, panel discussion, and an Abaya Fashion Show that was curated by luxury Abaya brand Hanayen and Swarovski, and jewellery from Al Fardan.

To mark the 8th edition of Emirati Women’s Day, 15 Emirati women achievers from various fields who were making an impact were feted with the Emirati Woman of Achievement Awards at the Museum of the Future. On this wonderful occasion, 15 distinguished women officers from various departments of the Dubai Police Force were honoured for their dedication and excellence in serving the nation.

“It was an honour to be recognized as a Women of Achievement as part of such a wonderful event that brought together and celebrated exceptional women from across the UAE. The role played by women in the prosperity and growth of the UAE cannot be understated, driven by the country’s leaders’ continuous efforts in advancing gender equality and empowering women at every level.” stated awardee, Awtar Al Khaleej.

A panel discussion titled ‘Driving Change: Empowering & Inspiring Change for a Sustainable Future’, featuring highly achieved women Eng. Maitha Alblooshi, Ghada Al Fardan, Helena Hijazi, Dr. Majida Al Azazi and Pallavi Puri. The discussion was built on the vision and theme for 2023 ‘We collaborate for tomorrow’, Sustainable Future’.

“As an Emirati woman, I’ve been fortunate to see the continued empowerment of women in the UAE by taking important roles in every field that builds society, grows the economy, and shapes the next 50 years. “Emirati women did not stop at being half of society, but rather proved that they are an accomplished and essential part of it in building the nation and its renaissance,” said, Panelist Dr. Majida Al Azazi

Jayakumar Natarajan, Marketing Director, Castrol Lubricants Middle East, the prime sponsor said regarding their participation in the Abaya Rally, “Empowerment fuels progress, just like Castrol EDGE powers engines. We’re honoured to be part of this event that celebrates women’s empowerment, strength, unity, and the drive for excellence.” Castrol featured 10 inspiring women from the motoring community in a powerful empowering campaign.

The Event was organised by Orbit Events & Promotions and received overwhelming support from a curated list of brands including Powered byPartner Castrol Edge, in association withAlfardan Jewellery, Supported By Barbie, Al Ain Farms, Al Haramain Perfumes, Fitness Partner FitnGlam, Footwear Partner Celeste, Abaya Partner Hanayen and Swarovski B2B, Premium Chocolate Partner Aaraya, Floral Partner FNP.AE and partners HudaBeauty, Wishful, Kayali, Ribbons & Balloons, EMSO, Quick Surf Network, BeDashing Beauty Lounge, Rituals, Champion Digital, UAE Mustang Knights Club, Zulekha Hospital, 4K Creations, Battmobile, Pallavi Puri.

The event aligns with the vision of the leadership of the country to empower women by allowing them to contribute effectively to development.

“As someone who has lived most of my life here in the U.A.E., I always wanted to create a concept that inspires, unites and celebrates the accomplishments of women in a fun and memorable way. Witnessing the transformation of Abaya Rally into what it is today from being a fun overwhelms us with the realisation of how empowerment and unity can beautifully shape the future,” said Pragna Vaya, Managing Director – Orbit Events and Promotions.

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