Neetu Agarwal: A Healer’s Journey

A page from a breast cancer survivor’s life who took to alternative therapies to heal herself from cancer.

It was 6th December 2021 when I was self-examining and noticed a lump in my right breast. I was so afraid. I have led a reasonably healthy life, so why this lump? Millions of thoughts raced my mind. As a healer myself, we are taught how to scan our bodies, so I Instantly scanned myself and knew I had breast cancer. But my human mind wasn’t ready to accept. After a battery of medical tests and scans, the doctor dreadfully confirmed that I was suffering from breast cancer. I thought, why me, afterall? I had recently lost my mother and probably that grief had triggered pain and stress which led to this situation.

We took series of second opinions from various doctors in Delhi, Jaipur and USA who also confirmed the same. It was so traumatic to know that cancer had spread to my left breast too and I had already crossed the second stage. The only option was to undergo surgery and let my both breasts go; else it would be life threatening.

I still remember how scared I was. I was ready to die rather than suffer from the pain of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. I asked my doctor for an alternative but he said the only option was surgery.

By this time, I had been practicing healing therapies for almost three years. Being a healer by profession, I believe in the power of miracles. In spite of all fears and trauma I started meditating and suddenly remembered my homeopathic doctor who agreed to treat me.

Along with homeopathic treatment, I started my self-healing journey of eight months with theta healing, tarot card reading, scanning, clearing limiting beliefs, emotions, akashic records to clear my past life karma, inner child, pranic and breath work. Breath work helped me release all stuck-up energies and trauma in my body along with homeopathy medicines.

1st August, 2022, was a miraculous day in my life as my pet scan was completely clear. It’s a miracle, without any surgery, radiations, chemotherapy only by healing, divine grace and homeopathic treatment I lead a normal life today.

 It feels like I woke up from a bad dream. My doctor gladly refers to me as a ‘walking miracle’. Today, by the grace of God and my healing therapies, I am cancer-free and inspiring and empowering women with my healing workshops, teaching them healing modalities like akashic records, inner child, scanning, tarot card reading, theta healing, access bars and many more.  I’m creating awareness globally through online and offline workshops about how alternative healing can bring positive alterations to one’s life. My mission is to raise awareness about the miraculous power of healing and reach out to every woman suffering from breast cancer and let her know that cancer can be healed with alternative methods without going through surgery, radiations or invasive treatments.

About Neetu Agarwal

Neetu Agarwal is a breast cancer survivor and Founder of Enlightening Souls. She is a full-time healer and spiritual teacher, who conducts workshops in alternative therapies like Theta healing, Akashic Records, Automatic Writing, Inner Child Healing, Tarot Card, etc.


“Neetu Agarwal gave an inspirational talk on self-healing from breast cancer and I joined her Theta Healing classes that changed me as a person completely, solved many daily issues, increased awareness and made me a stronger person.”

Jyoti Purswani
Home Baker

“I had pent-up emotions and throbbing pain in the chest all of which healed after doing Inner Child course with Neetu Agarwal. It helped me release stress and made me feel more relaxed.”

Spiritual Seeker

Learning Akashic Records from Neetu has been a life changing experience. With your constant guidance I have become more intuitive. My readings have improved. I love her for the soothing positive energy. “

Pritei Keer
House wife


  1. Shernaz Dubash

    I have had several Akashik records and meditation sessions with Neetu. She is a an amazing loving and compassionate person, self lessly wanting to touch the lives of many with her gifted healing abilities. She is on a mission to make more and more aware of the innate healing power that each one of us are born with and our connection with the divine and oneness with the Universe. She facilitates that beautifully through her sessions and teaches and empowers many.

  2. Jyoti Purswani

    Wow…indeed very inspirational…your a true example of when a woman puts her mind to something she can do it come what may…God bless u and hope you continue to enlighten souls all around the globe

  3. Vijay Kumar

    Dear Neetuji
    We Salute you Courage and Confidence, The way you have handled yourself in those challenging situations is inspiring,
    We are proud of you
    Keep spreading your positivity and healing powers to the world
    God Bless you with Healthy and Joyful life,
    Vijay Kumar

  4. Shivika Raina

    A blessed soul sharing her Blessings and learnings with other souls in need.
    I have always believed in alternate medicines and power of healing. You are true living example of it. God bless.

  5. AnnuR

    Very inspiring…Congratulations & thanks for sharing your self healing journey…Wishing you a very happy, healthy life ahead

  6. Neha Goplani

    Many congratulations to you and ur family…
    When i read ur article i really got goosebumps. This is a miracle.
    You are blessed with some special powers .
    God bless you with more power and courage…

  7. Nayna Bhattacharjee

    Hey Neetu! As a friend I have seen your journey and growth during last year and I know you have been during tough times. I feel very happy to read this article 😀👍

  8. Milind Shah

    I have been knowing her now for past about 4-5 years. She has always been a fighter in her life. Undoubtedly a very strong personality herself, she is always ready to help others. But at the same time, she has seen several ups and downs in her life. She has always fought through everything and always come out victorious. Even in the latest situation, she maintained her calm and reversed the inevitable.
    All salutes to the master healer and hope she lives long long years to heal others. We in a group have personally experienced her powers of healing which now seem to be God’s gift to her. All the best Neetuji for all your efforts and hope you achieve newer heights in such pious journey of yours. 👍

  9. Parvathi Somaskandhan

    Neetuji, your miraculous journey as a cancer survivor is truly inspiring and motivating. I truly believe that it is by divine’s grace that I had the opportunity to meet you and learn from you the Akashic records. Continue to inspire us and enlighten souls with your knowledge and healing powers.God bless!

  10. Smitha V

    It’s an incredible and inspiring story! I wish you a healthy and blessed life, and may you continue to encourage people to go beyond their limits.

  11. Sana N

    Neetu I am so happy for you. I always found Neetu to be a strong and courageous person. She used her belief in the Creator and herself to move through this situation with grace and determination. It was amazing to witness her transformation and healing, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

    She has shown us the power of alternative healing methods and how they can work wonders for our health and well-being. I admire her for sharing her story and spreading awareness. Neetu is a living example of how miracles can happen when we trust in ourselves and the divine.

    I am so proud of her and I wish her all the best for her future endeavors. 💖

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