Yummy Dosa introduces Sizzlers and Pasta for Jain foodies

No Onion-Garlic Pasta and Sizzlers Now Available at Yummy Dosa.

What: Yummy Dosa Jain Pasta and Sizzlers

When: Available All-Day

Where- Karama, Discovery Gardens, Sharjah

Cost for meal for two- Starting AED 80

Must try-  Hot & Sour Soup, Triple Schezwan Noodles Sizzlers, Arabiata Pasta

Are you in search of delectable Vegetarian Pasta and Sizzler options that are completely free from onion and garlic? Look no further than Restaurant Yummy Dosa, specializing in Mumbai-style street food, which has perfected its scrumptious recipes for Sizzlers and Pasta dishes without onion and garlic suitable for the ‘Jain’ lifestyle. (Jainism lifestyle followers do not eat meat, Root vegetables such as carrot, radish, beetroot, etc., potato, onions, or garlic.

Prepare to indulge in an array of Sizzler options, including Exotica Veg Veronica, Veg Italiano, Paneer Shashlik, Paneer Tikka, and Mexicano. And for Pasta enthusiasts, Yummy Dosa offers an inviting selection of warm and comforting pasta dishes, such as White Sauce Alfredo, Red Sauce Arrabiata, Pink Sauce Cocktail, Chilli Cheese, Chinese Schezwan, and Tadka Masala. (These dishes will be available in regular and onion-garlic-free variants.)

Jugal Parekh, MD of Yummy Dosa, says, “We have a loyal customer database who come to us because we are a complete vegetarian restaurant. Off late, we had been receiving requests from the Jain community to perfect our popular sizzlers and pasta recipes without root vegetables, onions, and garlic. After months of trials, we have now successfully perfected the recipes that are tempting enough to indulge in. Being a street food restaurant, we can never compromise on the indulgent flavors. It took us a while, but we are now ready to introduce jain diet compliant dishes to our customers.”

These dishes are available at all Yummy Dosa outlets in Dubai and Sharjah. So, if you’re looking for a dining experience that caters to your vegetarian, onion-free, and garlic-free preferences, Yummy Dosa is the place to be. Enjoy the perfect blend of flavors, textures, and spices that make each dish a delectable one.

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