Diaries of an Emirati influencer: Mohammed Al Ali

The self-motivated Emirati photographer-cum- influencer has deep-rooted love for Indian culture and festivals. He is also a national level Martial artist.

From career perspective, Mohammed Abdulrhman Al Ali (@alali.media) is a——, works with MOROHUB, a subsidiary Company of DEWA. Little can one imagine that there’s a passionate photographer hidden within this effervescent and vivacious 38-year-old. His roots, connections and love for everything Indian comes as a pleasant surprise for us. A firm humanitarian, Al Ali believes in following one’s passion to the core.

Presenting excerpts of an interview with the effervescent photographer-cum- influencer-

What did you do before you turned into an influencer?

Photography has been my biggest passion.  I started developing interest in photography when I owned a Nokia mobile with 2 megapixel camera and later with N86 1st 8 Mega Pixel camera on phone. One day I saw my college friend Ahmed brought a new camera. It was game changer for me, I too bought my first DSLR Canon 450D with 12-megapixel camera. After graduation, I began my journey of self-education and self- learning by making small trips and dabbling in different types of photography. My real journey in photography started when I began travelling and thus started story-telling through photography and thereafter participating in national and international competitions. The response to my work was stupendous and I began exhibiting my images in different places. As a professional photographer I achieved a lot – name, fame, medals, certificates, TV interviews and much more.

How did the influencer journey begin?

After honing my photography and videography skills, I started using my talent to become a blogger and influencer (@) on social media. By then, I had started my outlet called  Prism Studios in Dubai. So here I am -reaching out to my audience and approaching clients for my business as I had started my business that provides photography services to all types of industries.

What else are you into apart from being a photographer and an influencer?

I’m a strong believer that human beings are capable to do everything as our leader His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “We don’t have word impossible in our dictionary.” I am a national Karate martial artist. I am also currently doing courses on AI technology and soon planning to work on voice dubbing. I love hiking in northern and eastern cities of UAE like Ras Al Khaimah, Khorfakan, Fujairah and Hatta. Also, I love to do solo trips to India and neighbouring  countries for content creation and photography. I like singing Bollywood songs- soon will be thinking to do it formally as the first Emirati doing it from his heart.

We know about your interesting origins. Your mom is an Indian while your dad an Emirati. Tell us how you feel about being partly Indian and how does India influence you?

India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are culturally rich countries with a unique blend of history and tradition. My mother being Indian and father from the UAE, I have been fortunate to experience the best of both worlds. I took the opportunity to explore India as a traveller, photographer and content creator because I believe that India is best place to travel. India is one place that provides multiple travel opportunities, eg in the north, there are the snow-capped Himalayans, desert in the west, greenery in the  south-west. India is simply enchanting!

You are a travel blogger as well.  Which has been your favourite place till date and which one rates highest on your travel bucket list?

Definitely India this is ultimate place to me to discover in my entire life. It doesn’t mean that I wont travel to other countries but my first and last choice of travel destination will be always India.

Any message for fellow influencers or budding bloggers?

If you got talent or some passion, please don’t hesitate to do it on social media, it could be anything such dancing, singing, etc. Always keep yourself busy, learning and motivated always.

How would you always love to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a good human being who enjoyed his life to the maximum and as a good son, husband and father.

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