‘Beyond: The Great Illusion Show’ Comes to Dubai

This extraordinary spectacle, hosted at The Agenda in Dubai Media City on 28th Oct’23 promises an evening of pure wonder and astonishment.

Prepare to be enchanted, Dubai! The world’s first immersive illusionists’ show, “Beyond,” is set to mesmerize the city on October 28th at The Agenda in Dubai Media City. This unparalleled spectacle promises to be an unforgettable experience, one that promises to leave the audience spellbound and in awe.

“Beyond” is not just a magic show; it’s a journey into the realm of dreams and reality. Inspired by the acclaimed film “Now You See Me,” the groundbreaking show features four master illusionists who will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

“Dubai has been deliberately selected as the launchpad for ‘Beyond,’ serving as the ideal canvas to unveil this groundbreaking show to the world. The city’s boundless innovation perfectly aligns with the vision of ‘Beyond,’ and we promise an enchanting experience that defies imagination. My advice? Clear your phone’s memory because you’ll be capturing a treasure trove of content. We’re about to embark on a journey through time, so prepare for the extraordinary,” shares Berdnikov.

One of the unique aspects of “Beyond” is its circular stage, allowing the audience to view tricks from all angles. Drawing inspiration from the movie “Now You See Me,” “Beyond” brings this concept to life in a digital show that encourages the audience to record, share, tag, and even broadcast live. The goal is to showcase the dexterity and transparency of the tricks, giving the audience an immersive and interactive experience.

“‘Beyond’ goes beyond the realm of traditional magic shows, offering a unique fusion of death-defying stunts, captivating escapes, and mesmerizing hypnosis. It’s an immersive experience where magic truly takes center stage, inviting our guests to become an integral part of this enchanting journey,” adds Gladkovas.

But there’s more to “Beyond” than meets the eye. Guests have the opportunity to create a personalized experience. Whether you want to surprise your partner with a marriage proposal that will leave her flying in the air or celebrate a birthday with a magical twist, these creative options are available for booking.

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