Gup & Shup: Chef Rohit Ghai’s culinary masterpiece

Chef Rohit Ghai’s journey from the vibrant streets of Gwalior to the Michelin-starred heights of London’s gastronomic scene is a story of passion, innovation and pure love for the art of cooking.

As we dine at the newly opened Gup & Shup restaurant in the Expo City (quite close to the epic Al Wasl Dome) I can’t feel more fortunate to be gorging into culinary delights rustled up by Chef Rohit Ghai himself. And as the meal progresses, all we do is comprehending and marvelling at the delicate infusion of flavours, the delectable taste and extraordinary presentation of the degustations.

Gup & Shup is an Indian street food haven. Spacious with a lovely vibe – comfy yet elegant with playful Indian music and chic paintings lending colour to the subtle surroundings- this is what Gup & Shup is all about and food of course, is the highlight of this culinary gem.

Chef Ghai’s culinary empire consists of six restaurants located in UK, Qatar, Morocco and UAE. At the heart of this lies Kutir located in London, a restaurant that isn’t just an eatery; it’s a symphony of flavors, a tale of innovation, and a canvas for his artistic flair. Each dish that emerges from the Kutir kitchen is a masterpiece, a brushstroke of creativity, a stroke of artistry.

But Ghai is not a man to rest on laurels. In early 2019, he embarked on a daring journey, steering away from the traditional Michelin-starred path. KoolCha was born, a street-food sensation at Wembley’s Boxpark. Here, he brought the finest Indian cuisine to the streets, giving it a playful twist, and making it accessible to all.

Ghai’s culinary prowess has earned him more than Michelin stars; it’s won over the hearts of celebrities, dignitaries, and food critics alike. When asked about one celebrity he visions to feed at his restaurants, he says, “Amitabh Bachchan!!!”.  His televised stints on both Zee TV and BBC MasterChef have left an indelible mark. His enthralling charisma and storytelling finesse have worked their magic, seamlessly pulling viewers into the alluring world of Indian cuisine.

“When you cook something, do it from your heart and soul, that’s one thing I have learnt from my mother”

A Journey Fueled by Passion

What truly sets Chef Ghai apart isn’t just his culinary skills but his unwavering passion. Every dish he creates is a labor of love, an artful expression of his dedication to the culinary craft. His dishes are infused with subtle spices, an ode to the flavors of India, and a playful exploration of seasonal vegetables.

“My mother has been my biggest inspiration. As a child, I used to cook with my mother making miniature parathas which was something I loved to do. The Chur Chur Paratha that my mother made finds a proud place in the menu of my London restaurants. Besides, she also taught me to make chutneys, pickles and home-made spices.”

“When asked for a quick tip, he advocates the policy of avoiding food wastage. Also, when you cook something, do it from your heart and soul, that’s one thing I have learnt from my mother!””

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