Derwandi Restaurant to Open First Branch in Dubai

The famous Lebanese restaurant Derwandi shall open Dubai branch in January’ 2024.

Derwandi restaurant, the homegrown Abu Dhabi favourite committed to serving high-end Lebanese flavours, is thrilled to announce its first Dubai branch early next month. Opening in the heart of Al Wasl, Jumeirah, Derwandi restaurant is the epitome of authentic Lebanese cuisine, serving a nostalgic taste of their heritage and traditions “min Lebnen”.

Channelling the essence of its charming cities, Derwandi restaurant strives to deliver Lebanese tradition and hospitality, allowing its patrons to indulge in the many homegrown staples such as the Zaatar from Jbeil, olive oil from Koura decorated with pine nuts from the mountains. Derwandi restaurant will bring its high standards for Lebanese dining by offering its guests an unrivalled culinary experience.

El Derwandi, a Lebanese icon from the 1970s, was the source of inspiration for the Derwandi restaurant. The nature of the restaurant was centred around his personality, spending his days retelling his favourite tales with his signature shisha in hand. Infused with his love for creating memories, good food and company, Derwandi Dubai chefs bring 25 years of experience to continue to serve the pinnacle of hospitality. The space is adorned with Lebanese inspired interiors, from the traditional arches to the tiles, straight from “byot” Beirut.

Derwandi restaurant, the window to the world of Lebanese culinary excellence, opened its first branch in Abu Dhabi in 2021. The new Dubai branch on Al Wasl Road will also offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Lebanese flavours. From traditional dishes to innovative creations, it showcases their commitment to preserving heritage and pushing culinary boundaries, exploring the allure of Lebanon through tantalising dishes for the promise of an unforgettable dining adventure.

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