Bangalore goes pink as pink riders hit the city

In a unique event, over 100 bikers will ride for the noble cause of raising awareness for breast cancer.

Two brave ladies who have beaten cancer have proven that there is indeed life after cancer. To raise awareness on the same, Josna and Patsy have initiated a bike ride.  Josna was only 23 when she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Cancer struck her again at the age of 28. Patsy is a rider, model, artist, and cancer survivor. She has just finished 8 chemos and 20 radiations in October 2023. A passionate rider, she cannot wait to ride again.

The ride which will take place on November 25th’ 2023 will commence at 8 AM at RT Nagar, Bangalore, after they distribute breakfast to the orphans. They are also planning to make an impossible dream come true for at least a few orphans by offering a free ride. All are invited to join the ride. This event is the brainchild of Vaibhav, a banker by profession and founder of Biker Saviour, Bangalore. This is their second event involving cancer survivors.

The event is held in collaboration with Premi Mathew, Founder of Hair for Hope India, India’s first national hair donation movement.

What is unique about the event is that it could help change the perception of society. The fact that Patsy is riding immediately after chemo and radiation and the fact that Josna has beaten cancer twice will break many myths. In India, cancer is perceived by many as a death sentence, and patients die mentally upon hearing the diagnosis. Hence, it is crucial to show that there is indeed life after cancer and that cancer is not a death sentence.

The event on Saturday will be followed by a hair donation and wig donation event on Sunday. Anyone can join with 12 inches ponytails at 11 AM at Manthri Mall, Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Hair for Hope India was born in the UAE in 2011. However, it took 2 more years to officially launch in India because of all the religious, social, and cultural hurdles. What is special about the campaign is that it is mostly run by students as young as 7 who organize small events in their own schools to spread awareness.

Matthew also runs a campaign called ‘Protect Your Mom, which urges kids to make their moms do self-exams to check for early signs of breast cancer. “The bikers will hold placards to create awareness about monthly self-exams because early detection could save lives. In the majority of cases, a self-exam at no cost, at home can help detect breast cancer early and save lives,” she reckons.

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