Botsi Unveils Spectacular “Safari on Mars” Collection

Inspired by Petra City, the fashion label launched this incredible new collection during an elegant evening of style and class at the stunning Eden by Belcanto.

Botsi, the revolutionary fashion label known for its chic, stylish, and alluring designs, marked a momentous occasion in its history with the exclusive launch of its “Safari on Mars” collection. The highly anticipated event took place on Thursday, November 30th, at the enchanting Eden by Belcanto, nestled within the rooftop confines of the prestigious Dubai Opera. An enviable occasion, onlookers got a glimpse of the brand’s newest collection, whilst also discovering the inspiration behind the sensational outfits.

Renowned presenter, host, and emcee, Rosemin Manji, Founder of RR&CO Luxury and a distinguished luxury events curator, played host for the evening. Renowned as one of the most influential figures in the world of fashion, Rosemin was the perfect person to showcase the sheer elegance of this magnificent collection. The event welcomed approximately 100 attendees, comprising industry insiders, fashion enthusiasts, and notable personalities.

The “Safari on Mars” collection, inspired by the enigmatic whispers of stone and steeped in the historical echoes of ancient Al-Khanzeh, pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry of the famed archaeological site. Drawing inspiration from Petra in Jordan and its architectural marvels, this collection captivates the essence of timeless beauty and human ingenuity. The wonder of these ancient buildings, with their intricate carvings and geometric patterns, find their way into the collection’s designs.

Victoriya Bahl, the visionary founder of Botsi, shared her inspiration behind the collection, stating, “Relocating to the Middle East introduced me to a diverse array of people, which proved to be a fascinating experience. Eager to explore the region, I embarked on journeys to various Middle Eastern cities. During a conversation, a friend shared captivating images of Jordan, particularly the enchanting Petra. Intrigued, I was inspired to personally venture to Jordan and Petra. Upon arriving, the allure of the sunset, mountains, and architecture captivated me, sparking the inception of my Safari on Mars collection.”

The “Safari on Mars” collection weaves together the captivating narratives of Al-Khanzeh and Petra, infusing the warm hues of sandstone and terracotta tones found in the heart of these ancient cities. Fabrics such as luxurious silks, knits, and plant-based ultra-suede meticulously emulate the textures of the rock-cut architecture, offering a sensory experience that transports wearers through time and history.

Each ensemble in this collection showcases a fusion of versatile elements – from the distinctive Botsi face print to the incorporation of plant-based ultra-suede and the interplay of silk yarn with sting fabric. The result is an exquisite array of garments that redefine classic styles, celebrate timeless beauty, and exude a contemporary edge.

“More than just an assemblage of garments, this collection embodies the celebration of nuanced beauty found in simplicity and a well-curated palette,” expressed Bahl. “It’s an invitation to explore the subtleties of colours and textures while embracing individuality and timeless allure.”

Botsi, born and developed in Dubai, stands as a beacon of change in the realm of ready-to-wear fashion. With a commitment to responsible production, ethical resourcing, and a dedication to empowering women, Botsi continues to revolutionise the industry while crafting an experience that transcends fashion.

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