Iconic Band of Boys set to groove in Dubai

Get ready to groove as the iconic Band of Boys, popularly known as ABOB, is all set to set the stage ablaze at Meydan Hotel in Dubai. Featuring the dynamic Karan Oberoi, Sherrin Varghese, Chintoo Bhosle, Danny Fernandes, ABOB is ready to unleash a musical storm that will transport fans down memory lane.

Famous for their chart-topping hit “Kis Kisko,” the Band of Boys has been a musical sensation since its inception. As they gear up for the Dubai performance on December 9th, 2023, fans can expect a perfect blend of nostalgia and fresh beats that will undoubtedly leave the audience craving for more.

ABOB, with its hit albums like “Gaane Bhi Do Yaara,” “Yeh Bhi Woh Bhi,” and “Nain Ladalien,” has consistently delivered musical excellence. Dubai is about to experience the magic firsthand as the band promises to deliver a lit performance that transcends time and genres.

The Meydan Hotel stage is about to witness a sonic explosion, where the Band of Boys will not only take you on a trip down memory lane but also introduce you to the electrifying beats of their latest creations. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable night filled with music, energy, and the unmistakable charisma of ABOB.

As the countdown begins, Dubai music enthusiasts can anticipate a concert that goes beyond the ordinary – a fusion of the band’s classic hits and the pulsating energy of their latest tracks. So, mark your calendars for a night of musical ecstasy on December 9th, 2023, as the Band of Boys gears up to light the stage on fire in the heart of Dubai at the Fortuna Global Excellence Awards for Healthcare Professionals.

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