Magical Germany invites GCC travellers for festive holiday

Gulf visitors can explore candid Christmas markets in Nuremberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, and beyond.

Germany, with its wintry climes and Christmas markets, is a globally popular go-to destination at this time of year. Now, as the festive season approaches, the country is inviting travellers from across the GCC to visit and experience its myriad attractions amid scenes of Saint Nikolaus and snowflakes.

From fairytale castles to charming towns, the country is a haven of everything magical, especially when the temperatures drop, and frost kisses the age-old landmarks. Starting from mid-November until early next year, major cities such as Nuremberg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and beyond, are decked up with twinkling lights, lively music, and more.

This year Germany is quickening its journey towards sustainability and aims to implement sustainable practices as well as to promote locally sourced, organic goods. Visitors can also venture beyond the festive villages to experience a winter wonderland committed to eco-friendly enjoyment, featuring serene snow walks, spirited torchlight hikes, and the warmth of shared Christmas traditions.

Some of the well-known Christmas markets in Germany happen in its most popular cities. The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt (December 1-24)in Nuremberg isknown for lebkuchen (gingerbread) and hosts more than 200 local businesses throughout, while Berlin’s WeihnachtsZauber (November 27 to December 31) isheld at the picturesque Gendarmenmarkt. Stuttgart’s Wintertraum Markt (November 29 to December 23) is known for its fairytale appeal located on the Schlossplatz, right in front of the palace, while Munich’s Christmas Market (November 27 to December 24) takes place in the scenic Marienplatz with a Christmas tree adorned with 2,500 lights. In Cologne, Heinzels Wintermärchen (November 27 to December 24) is set right outside the city’s gothic cathedral and has two sections, the old market and new market, the latter’s highlight being a huge outdoor ice rink. Lastly, the International Christmas Market in Essen (November 17 to December 23) is adorned with twinkling fairy lights, fairground rides, and crafty products from lands as far away as Peru and Brazil.

Apart from Christmas markets, Germany also has a tonne of winter festivals such as the Chocolate Festival in Tübingen (December 5-10), the largest of its kind in Germany, and Stollen Festival in Dresden (December 9), which celebrates the traditions of baking that date back centuries. Munich Tollwood Winter Festival (November 23 to December 31) is a stunning celebration that includes circus performances, live music celebrations, and a variety of entertainment, while Circus Krone in Munich (December 25 to April 7) offers amazing entertainment suitable for the whole family. Christmas Garden at the Berlin Botanical Garden (November 17 to January 14) is a charming festive escape with enchanting lights and stalls offering hot chocolate – perfect to enjoy the chilly months.

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