Emerging Talent Ashna Mehta Redefines Luxury Jewellery with Collaboration with Heroes of Hope

The incredibly talented jewellery designer has recently created a sports-themed line of stunning pieces, with a percentage of the proceeds of the items sold being donated to the Heroes of Hope.

Ashna Mehta, a visionary leader in the jewellery industry known for her exceptional designs, has just taken her creativity to the next level. In a unique collaboration, she is proud to announce that she will be donating a percentage of the sales from her latest sports-inspired jewellery range to Heroes of Hope, a not-for-profit group dedicated to empowering individuals of determination. This exciting initiative is aimed at inspiring people to be more involved in sports, taking Ashna’s two passions, sports, and jewellery design, and combining them to create some truly beautiful works of art.

Inspired by sports such as basketball, tennis, and more, Ashna’s new jewellery line is both unique and extremely creative. This innovative collection has already garnered attention from a wide range of audiences, and it’s now taking on a new dimension, which Ashna hopes can make a significant difference in helping more people achieve their sporting dreams.

Heroes of Hope focuses on developing sporting, social, and interpersonal skills for individuals of determination, offering them a chance to shine in the world of sports. The organisation’s diverse sports programs and events have built a strong, supportive community for athletes of determination and their families. Heroes of Hope works tirelessly to create opportunities and pathways for athletes of all ages to reach their physical fitness potential and accomplish their dreams.

Shining a further light on the new range of stunning jewellery, Nathalie Mamo, a prominent Sports TV Presenter, MC & Moderator, and former pro basketball player, recently adorned Ashna’s jewellery line during the NBA Abu Dhabi Games, generously offering her support to this worthy cause. Nathalie, who was also a spokesperson for the NBA, recognised the charitable nature of this initiative and its potential to change lives.

With her impressive career in the sports and entertainment industry, Nathalie served as the perfect ambassador for Ashna Mehta’s jewellery line. Her reach in the sporting world and her role as an empowerment beacon for women make her an ideal collaborator for this initiative.

Coming from a background of prominent diamond manufacturers, being the granddaughter of the co-founder of Rosyblue, Dilip Mehta, this is not the first big collaboration for Ashna as notably she previously created the iconic ‘Barbie’ necklace worn by Nicki Minaj. Her journey has been marked by creativity, passion, and a profound understanding of the jewellery industry with her upbringing steeped in the world of diamonds from a young age. With an enriching journey spanning cultural hubs such as Dubai, New York, London, Belgium, and Mumbai, Ashna honed her skills, absorbed diverse influences, and refined her craft.

Ashna’s latest collection is a seamless fusion of her twin passions: sports and diamonds. As someone who understands the values of teamwork, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence from her active participation in various sports, her collection serves as a metaphor for perseverance and hard work. Beyond the radiance of her designs, Ashna perceives sports as a unifying force that transcends boundaries. It brings people together, celebrating the indomitable spirit of the human mind and body.

Ashna Mehta’s designs are more than just jewellery; they are art infused with profound meaning, capturing the essence of life’s triumphs and aspirations. Her creations invite individuals to adorn themselves with treasures that resonate with their unique narratives, empowering them to embrace their inner brilliance and radiate unparalleled beauty.

Ashna Mehta’s charitable efforts in collaboration with Heroes of Hope and Nathalie Mamo showcase her commitment to making a positive impact through her remarkable designs. With a bright future ahead, she is leading the way for the diamond industry’s next generation.

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