EDUOUTINGS, Pioneering Expedition Travel in ME Surpasses 400 Explorers

 The sole expedition travel company in the Middle East has guided explorers from over 35 Nationalities.

EDUOUTINGS, the expedition travel company based in Dubai, has surpassed 400 explorers from over 35 nationalities. As the sole expedition travel company in the Middle East for the past 8 years, this achievement reflects the growing appeal of expedition-style travel in the region.

Since its establishment in 2015, EDUOUTINGS has been dedicated to offering expedition-style travel experiences exploring polar destinations, remote locations, and showcasing natural wonders such as the northern lights and polar night. Renowned for its off the beaten path, and responsibly curated adventures, the company has drawn a diverse community of explorers. The company collaborates with 11 partners, including renowned names like Hurtigruten Group, Silversea, Chimu, Ponant, and Poseidon Expeditions.

Expedition-style travel isn’t exclusive to solo travelers and photographers seeking to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of untouched landscapes and elusive wildlife; the company also curates adventures tailored for families with kids and small groups, looking to create lasting memories.

During the expeditions, adventurers can participate in a wide range of activities. These include thrilling experiences such as dog sledding and snowmobiling, kayaking in polar waters, camping in Antarctica, encountering whales, visiting penguin rookeries, sleeping on ice beds, planting their flag at the North Pole, exploring enchanting ice caves, national parks and UNESCO sites, and immersing themselves in indigenous cultures.

Composed of historians, biologists, photographers, naturalists, oceanographers, marine experts and many more, the team behind each adventure with EDUOUTINGS makes it unique with unparalleled expertise. Expedition travel isn’t just about visiting new places, it’s about learning about diverse cultures, wildlife, and natural wonders.

Continuing to prioritize eco-conscious practices and setting a positive example for responsible and sustainable tourism, EDUOUTINGS not only captivates with its experiences but also contributes positively to the environments explored. For instance, in Svalbard, explorers are encouraged to contribute to beach clean-ups, raising awareness about the impact of plastic on polar environments and wildlife. Similarly, guests can participate in special science boat excursions, where they collaborate with scientists to collect samples for research on ocean health and make valuable contributions to ongoing scientific studies.

Furthermore, to contribute to the social and economic well-being of the communities, EDUOUTINGS operators organize excursions through local vendors for most of the destinations, enriching the overall travel experience. These excursions go beyond adventure, emphasizing participants’ roles in the broader scientific community and the preservation of these pristine environments.

Antarctica stands out as a notable destination among the many destinations, constituting 50% of the explorers. This significant interest aligns with EDUOUTINGS’ current offering, as the October to March season marks the optimal time for Antarctic expeditions. EDUOUTINGS remains the only expedition travel company in the Middle East, pioneering exclusive and transformative journeys for the past 8 years to Antarctica.

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Mohamed Sufyan said, “When we first started, we didn’t have a handbook or any data to refer to since we were the first ones. We are now in a much better position with our own regional data for expedition travel. It was purely our passion and experimenting with different strategies to promote this kind of travel to the region that helped us learn and reach this position.”

With explorers hailing from over 35 nationalities, the company has created a vibrant and diverse community of individuals sharing a passion for exploration. The increasing number of explorers opting for Antarctic expeditions underscores the appeal of pristine and remote destinations within the region.

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Payal Khubani said, “Surpassing 400 explorers is a testament to the growing appetite for unique and responsible travel experiences in the Middle East. We’re proud to be the pioneers in expedition travel in this region and are committed to offering unparalleled adventures that leave a positive and lasting impact.”

As EDUOUTINGS continues to push the boundaries of expedition travel, the company eagerly anticipates expanding its community of explorers and providing more transformative journeys in the years to come.

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