The island of Socotra starts welcoming visitors

  In efforts to grow sustainable tourism industry in the region, early next year, there will be two flights a week leaving from Abu Dhabi.

The island of Socotra or Saqatri, off the coast of Yemen, is fast becoming one of the trendiest ecotourism locations for people worldwide. The island slowly welcomes more visitors to enhance economic, social, and environmental development. 

Located between the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the Socotra archipelago, due to its unique geographical location and proximity to the palest turquoise of waters – is known for its unique, beautiful landscapes and beaches. The island is known for its unmatched natural scenic beauty and is made up of rare biodiversity, up to 90 % of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In 2003, the Island was designated as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. In 2007, its Detwah Lagoon was designated a ‘Ramsar Site’, and in 2008, Socotra officially became a Natural World Heritage site. 

Moreover, it is home to the iconic ‘Dragon Blood Tree,’ special to the locals; it is said to take thousands of years to grow and contains a healing resin sustainably harvested by the locals to protect the trees. Hence, the importance of preserving the island and protect its biodiversity and environment with trusted tour guides and travel agents. 

Visitors have been able to visit the island via trusted travel agents – early next year, there will be at least two flights leaving Abu Dhabi. Launched by locals for the locals, “Trip to Socotra” is a 100 % national company that seeks to improve the quality of life for the people of the island protect and preserve its natural resources, environment, and culture. Unlike other tour guides or agents, Trip to Socotra ensures locals benefit from the influx of visitors. A verified agent, the company provides all tourism solutions, such as ticket purchases, corporate retreats, and visa issuance, and provides trusted local guides. 

The company, conceptualized by Ali Adnan Al Bidh, will also invest profits and start a special investment fund called the ‘Soqotri Private Fund’ for various projects on the island. Ali Adnan affirms, “The fund will focus on specific sectors such as improving existing academic institutions, planning to establish more schools, universities, and dedicated scientific research and development centers, emphasizing biodiversity studies.” 

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